Why did TTG butcher content from S1&2 in the new Collection?

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Telltale ripped out every amazing credit song from season's 1 and 2 and replaced them with a generic twd outro song.

Remember hearing Alela Diane's "Take Us Back" for the first time as tears rolled down your cheeks when the credits finally rolled in S1? Telltale replaced it with a generic credit song.

Remember Anadel's In The Water or Remember me from Season 2? Telltale replaced it with the same generic credit song.

Remember In the Pines, which was sung by Janel Drewis who actually used to work for Telltale? Gone. These songs left a lasting impact on every player and truly defined the tone of the season.

As respectfully as possible I wanted to say: How dare you, Telltale?

Telltale you said you heard our feedback, and you want us to trust you going into S4. How can we do that when all you've done is further rip the heart and soul from this game in such unnecessary ways?

Remember (for those with a 2 handed Lee) when Lee picks up the broken shard of glass for a weapon in front of the Marsh House, squeezing tightly as blood drips and the bad ass music kicks in? Telltale cut that part from the game. I wonder what else is gone..

Where's the respect for our beloved story, and what is the reasoning in cutting content that clearly makes the game better. The improved graphics actually aren't worth losing the things you cut out, Telltale.

Questions for everybody working on these games at Telltale: Do you not have respect for your own games? What about your fans? How can we interpret this as anything but laziness? Removing the credit songs is a disrespect to Season 2 and it's fans. Can you please explain why the original credit songs have not been patched into the game yet? Why did you remove the rewind feature when it was a great utility for your players?

I'm expecting to hear "That's what you get for buying the same game again." You're probably right, but it makes me sad to see the game I love butchered, and worried this kind of carelessness will shamble into Season 4. Honestly I'm mostly disappointed because I gifted the collection to my friend wanting them to get the same experience I did originally, and now I have to send them a link on youtube and say "This used to be the amazing credit song for the episode."

What do you guys think am I overreacting or are these changes a pretty big disservice to anyone new playing the game? Anyone know what else got removed and can we start a list of things we would appreciate them fixing?


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    It's disappointing that Telltale doesn't want to acknowledge what made their games so great before, so sad that new players will never hear these songs while playing the game.

  • A combo of licensing/royalty issues, possible censorship, and perhaps simply not finishing certain touched models/textures/animations in time, most likely.

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    Yeah licensing is probably the issue here. This has happened to several games, even those which are a decade old, a lot of GTA San Andreas's music on Steam got removed because Rockstar didn't want to renew the licenses. Not sure what happened with Telltale and the owners of the music in the collection, but obviously some sort of agreement wasn't made.

    The collection is certainly a lazy cash-in. They didn't even fix some obvious details that the original had, like Clementine showing up at Crawford when you told her to stay. I was watching the remasters.

    1:18:14 & 1:22:38

    Although I will give it some credit, some scenes look great compared to the original, but I question why it was ever released, this isn't supposed to be a game noted for it's graphics. If they wanted to do that, they should have done it after the final season, so they could remaster all the games if they really wanted to.

  • I’ve also heard that the stranger’s car is not outside of the marsh house and there are some more issues

  • I feel like they decided not to renew the licenses. Just like they refused to buy the licenses for the GotG songs and instead had cover bands do them.

  • They replaced the S2 credit songs? The entire road through ANF we were asking for them back, and they drop them from the collection?

  • Is Grim Rager still in the collection?

  • Thanks Melton, I looked it up and you are correct the stranger's car is no longer in front of the Marsh House in the collection. That's a really awesome moment of realization for people paying attention during the game taken out for no reason.

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    I’ve also heard that the stranger’s car is not outside of the marsh house and there are some more issues

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