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Voodoo Lady is the real villian, not Lechuck

posted by Isaac Goodluck on - last edited - Viewed by 4.8K users
After seeing the intro of Siege of spinner cay I just keep thinking that The voodoo lady is the real villian all along, just pulling strings on Lechuck. here are some things to strengthen my theory:

*During the intro of chapter 2 of tales of monkey island the voodoo lady show tarotcards of the bad things happened guybrush, like it was she who decided what bad things were going to happen him, and in the end says "if he lives long enough... hehehehe.."

*Also, during the episode, LeChuck really seems like a good guy without the voodoo, His fight scene was AWSOME xD It could be that Lechuck was being controlled completely with the voodoo energies he obtained through big whoop, that maybe was the Voodoo ladys fault too.

* I think that during all of monkey island series she just pretended to help him like in the direction of the Lé Sponge el grande, the only thing that could defeat her and when its gone, she would rule the Carribean forever with her zombie pirate army.

* The last chapter is named "rise of the pirate god", might be the voodoo lady its refering to :P

*I think that its weird that shes at the frontpage of the website with guybrush, elaine and lechuck, she seems to a much minor character, unless shes the real villian

* The only one having used voodoo besides Lechuck in the series is the voodoo lady

* She didnt want to tell guybrush, when on Flotsam island if elaine was alright or not, she should obviously have powers for it.

* She is allways nearby helping guybrush and perhaps pulling the strings of the bad guys, like in the pirateship on plunder island in curse of monkey island and Booty island in escape from monkey island and flotsam island in tales of monkey island

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part 2 of mah post

*After playing chapter 3, while possesing the voodoolady, you get to use tarotcards that can command everything, and the intro of chapter 2 and 3 she shows cards of the current "bad" events so shes behind it all!

*also during chapter 3, shes so angry when you play with the locket xD
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  • I love twist endings, I really do, but Lechuck is pulling a fast one I think and is playing possum...

    I dont think Lucas Arts would allow Telltale to make the Voodoo Lady a bad guy to be honest... I give you marks for being original though...
  • it would explane why she told guybrush to find big whoop then scold him after
  • Well that evil laugh was preeetty evil.
  • Planeforger;191306 said:
    Plus, she gave Guybrush the cutlass which started this whole mess.

    Eh, I don't know.
    It looks like she might be playing a bigger part in this game than in the previous games, but we've already got plenty of possible Big Bads to choose from, so I don't really see her being evil.
    She had an evil laugh in the intro?
  • Isaac Goodluck;191310 said:
    She had an evil laugh in the intro?
    on chapter 2 when she [SPOILER] shows the cards from that tresure bg and she laughs when she says guybrush might not survive morgans attack [/SPOILER]
  • Wow, I must admit I thought this would be a very ridiculous theory, but it's very well thought out. There is a lot of evidence to support this and it does make for a great story and plot twist. I'm still hoping for LeChuck to be behind it all, but this is a great theory! Well done, you should ask Telltale for a job as a writer.
  • Sailorcuteness;191325 said:
    also she sends guybrush to blood island thinking [SPOILER] he will die [/SPOILER]
    Yeah, but wouldn't an evil person hide that fact? She made it pretty obvious...
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