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Epic Mickey

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I almost thought this was a joke for a second. But however it isn't... Epic Mickey is this upcoming wii game that is development, and which the plot focuses on obscure cartoon characters wanting revenge on Mickey mouse. The plot sounds really promising and for those who haven't seen the concept artwork of it its great.

Anyone looking forward to this game? I got a feeling that this could be rated T. :D
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  • Any "plot" leaks are speculations from nebulous sources from what I understand, but the concept art itself is neat. The really dark and twisted nature of a lot of it really stands out.

    I can see an interpretation of them screwing it up. For example, one that has in all the right "parts" from the concept art, but giving it a lighter interpretation through things like light and color.

    And of course, this is just art and atmosphere...we have nothing concrete on gameplay, which is somewhat important when considering a game product.

    Personally, I hope the Mickey Revenge plot is true, and they put Oswald as the leader of the revolt. Oswald deserves a kickass comeback.
  • Hmm. Could be interesting. Could I get a link?
  • It is a concept from Warren Spector(of Deus Ex fame) and it is essentially Disney within a Dystopian Steampunk-esque setting. Thus far only concept art has been unearthed.

    image image
  • Oh, this one. Yeah, it definately looks cool, but I'll wait until an aactual announcement before I start getting excited.
  • The concept art is fantastic.

    They'd BETTER make the graphics sharp and smooth enough to stay true to it.
  • Uhm... we're talking about the Wii here: The Goofy model alone would probably be too demanding. So, these pictures are probably meant to show the general mood, rather than stuff that's actually in the game.

    I loved A.M.'s Alice so I'm all for playing with old franchises... however in case of Disney I'm a bit skeptical. Kingdom Hearts worked out great because Square basically left the Disney parts intact while applying Final-Fantasy like gameplay to it, but EpicMickey really has to work with the characters. Destroy them. Make them truly evil. And I'm not sure Disney will allow that to happen.
  • Missed that it was on the Wii. >.>
    Well yeah, that detail could potentially ruin everything we already have...
  • Now Disney has bought Marvel Comics... I wonder if that could mean anything for this game. We had Mickey and Cloud before, so why not Mickey and Ghostrider?
  • hansschmucker;192209 said:
    Now Disney has bought Marvel Comics... I wonder if that could mean anything for this game. We had Mickey and Cloud before, so why not Mickey and Ghostrider?
    Mostly because Kingdom Hearts didn't include a crossover with any ABC shows, ESPN, Miramax films, Touchstone, Lifetime, SOAPnet, Automotive Industries magazine...not even Muppets or Pixar.
  • You mean as of yet.

    You have to remember that TRON was published by Buena Vista Pictures, now Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group, which, among others, now include Miramax, Touchstone and Pixar.
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