Depending on your choices, you think Catwoman might end up becoming a vigilante?

This is just speculation on my part, but it seems like Telltale are setting up Selina to sort of walk away from her life of crime and actually try to be a bit more of a selfless person for Bruce. Depending on whether or not you were nice to her, were a team player as well as potential lover, I can definitely see Telltale having Selina turn over a new leaf.

Selina did say she came back to Gotham for some “redemption.” I know that the season is about over and Selina might not show up in Episode 5 or she will show up but not do much, but if Telltale are planning a third season then I think it would be kind of awesome ( if you romanced her) if Bruce and Selina become engaged and become a crime fighting duo. Maybe that’s a little lame but it would be something cool to see happen imo.


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    I don't think so, she doesnt have that personal sense of justice Batman has, and she won't develop one just because you were nice to her. She's done good things some times but just because she was driven either by debt or guilt. Remember that we are talking here about the woman who in Season 1 was going to steal from us, and if we hadn't stopped her, she would have gotten away. In fact, because we did stop her was that Vicki kidnapped Alfred, otherwise both Alfred and Bruce would have been in the Batcave.

    We know nothing about her relationship with Riddler, but even so, that "redemption" she's talking about is for her own personal gain. It always is, telling Bruce in Episode 1 where the bad guys are? So she can take them off her back, helping you in Episode 2 in the debate? debt because you helped in the bar, saving your life in Episode 3? Debt if you saved her at the debate or guilt because she would have felt bad if she allowed Bruce to die (also, she needed him for the theft).

    She could have totally stayed in Episode 5 to help us fight Vicki, she didn't even consider it.
    Even if she steals the laptop, she does nothing to save you after you sacrificed yourself for her, she just says "Oh, I thought you were dead", then proceeds to make an excuse why she didn't stop any of the murders (even though Bruce stops every single one of them) and stays to fight the pack because she feels guilty about letting them die (and that annoying "I am repaying the favor by telling you the bad guys are behind that door, lmao"). So, no, she's not vigilante material, not a full villain but still. (Funny since people consider John a true vigilante even though he goes around being prince stabbity stab stab)

    TL;DR: Selina's not a vigilante, she's EVIILLLL REEEEEEEEE

  • I always thought she used the guilt card just because she does not want to admit doing some good sometimes. It's like a "wall" she keeps up towards the world... that she does not trust anybody, that she is only a thief and that she doesn't care about other people at all, but we have started to see cracks in that wall now that she seems to have problem with keeping up the "act" with Bruce in season 2.

    I believe she has changed from Season One to the better, she will still have herself first in mind but she will reconsider things a lot more than she did earlier.

    About the Sanctus facility stuff, there is pretty much not that many people that could do what Bruce did to stop the pact from killing all the people and even if you play as Bruce you can let everybody die if you want to. Bruce has earned the respect from the pact so when he intervenes he got the respect from the other members to back him up for what he has done in the heist with riddlers body... if Catwoman would have done the same they might have just killed her off becouse she was starting to become an "hinderence". They don't know her more then she is a thief that helped them get a device to make a key so they could enter the facility. She does not have the same "support" in the pact as Bruce had/has.
    She then does what she can to help Bruce stop the pact unless you being a total jerk and just sending her away.

    I think we can use Selina as a good ally and hopefully even something more between Bruce and her.

    We will see what happens in the last episode if we receive any more seasons or if this is the end.

    Note, this is just how I read into things and I have a full understanding that you might not agree with me at all. I might be super wrong and I might need to pay for it in my playthrough, Selina might betray me and screw everything up but somehow I doubt it.

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    I don't think so, she doesnt have that personal sense of justice Batman has, and she won't develop one just because you were nice

  • Is it possible? -- Absolutely. The writers can manipulate a character arc to what they need to tell the story they want to tell. That style has been used in stories for ages :: it's the classic bad boy trope flipped so it's a bad girl the guy wants to change.

    Does it serve the story? -- Again, it can. It would fundamentally alter CatWoman, but there's no reason why this couldn't work and work well with the current team TellTale has in place for this series.

    Does it fit well in the current narrative? -- Not particularly, and this is merely one opinion. Selina Kyle has self-professed there is a lot more to this than ' this is all I know, or I did what I had to do. ' She likes what she does. There's a thrill in it for her -- one that I don't believe Batman's methods can currently fulfill otherwise she wouldn't have hindered him in Riddler's base. She simply does not agree with how Batman operates regardless of whether or not she truly wants a change in her life. This would not be an acceptable partnership anymore than Batman could partner up with John if he blows up bridges when he feels its necessary.

  • Nah.
    In the game I choose to be nice to Selina everytime, and instead of romancing her I choose to just be friends.
    But at the same time, no matter how good we are, she is still a neutral character, an antihero, because she is still gonna be a thief, and wouldn't mind stealing from us if it meant collecting more cash.
    Sure, Catwoman and Batman will work together every once in a while, and Selina might not be too happy about it, but will do it anyhow, but that doesn't mean she is a hero all the sudden because she will still put herself first in most scenarios.

  • She doesn't have the 'code" or morality to operate like Batman. She'll fight alongside batman if their interests align otherwise I can't see her dedicating all her life to fight crime.

  • In comics she has already been a crimefighter of sorts in the past, but doing it on her own rather than becoming part of Batman's "family".

    I think she is way less selfish than she proclaims to be, she keeps up a front to keep people (in this case Bruce) away when they get too close. A bit like Bruce keeps people at bay to "protect them". Point is, they are both afraid of close relationships, Bruce for the loss of his parents, Selina... it depends and we know very little of her backstory here.

    In any case, I could see her becoming some sort of antihero and fighting alongside Batman from time to time. I could also see her in a relationship with Bruce, but she is also fiercely independent and I think that, should she do either or both of those things, she will do those on her own terms.

    Having said that, I am afraid she will have a minimal role and appearance in Episode 5, therefore I doubt there will be even an optional happy ending for her and Bruce or for her to become a more permanent ally but... she is also the only real romance option of this season (Harley was just flirting, Avesta we are way too early for any serious development in that sense), so if someone build up the relationship with her for two seasons, even just on friendly terms, it would be nice to see it rewarded somehow.

  • I would love if Catwoman and Batman get married at the end of the episode for people who choose to be more than friends with Selina but perhaps that is too soon. I just think they are the perfect superhero couple because they are both normal people who fight the law together even though one of them is a thief and the other one a vigilante. It's a different kind of relationship not many other superheroes have with each other.

  • To be honest Catwoman has gotten stale.

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    To be honest Catwoman has gotten stale.

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