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Any Idea if/when the S&M Sketchbook is going to have another printing run?

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I ordered it, not knowing it was on backorder, so I'm a sad mammajamma.

Hopefully Mr. Purcell is all about making more money and will do another print run
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    More are on the way to the product mailing center!
  • Jake wrote: »
    More are on the way to the product mailing center!


    awesome. Any idea on ETA?
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    Jake Telltale Alumni
    Nope. Hopefully when things calm down around here Emily will be able to swoop by and fill you in.
  • hahaha thanks. Good luck over there. :)
  • holy crud that was fast!
  • What about the CD version of Bone Act 1+2 two pack and size Medium Desoto shirt?
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    More sketchbooks should be traveling to the fulfillment center next week.

    CD bundle is on hold until we can integrate it into the new website. Having nothing to do with that, the Out from Boneville CD is backordered until at least December 1 because we have to press new CDs, so even after we integrate the bundle there will be a little bit of a wait before it can ship.

    Medium DeSoto shirt is out until we do another run of shirts (which probably won't be until we're low on the other sizes). They sold out much faster than expected. Sorry about that. :(
  • ...and how is the status on the poster prints? :D :D :D
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    Poster prints are still in stock.

    I remember hearing recently that one of the two prints in the set is running low, and once it's gone it'll be gone for good, so if you've been procrastinating on buying these beauties you might want to take the plunge.
  • oh well, i already ordered them together with culture shock but then i got this email.
    Thank you for ordering on Telltale Games. Unfortunately, the product(s) you've ordered is currently out of stock and could not be shipped. The product(s) has been placed on back-order and will be shipped as soon as possible when the stock becomes available. You will receive another e-mail notification when your order has actually shipped. If you paid by credit card on our site, your credit card has been pre-authorized, but you will NOT be charged until the product ships. If you pre-paid using an alternate payment method, we will hold your funds until the product ships. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Product Name Qty Ordered Backorder Quantity Amount
    Sam & Max Poster Prints 1 1 29.99USD

    so i guess it seems i am already to late?
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