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Controller Support in ToMI

posted by NabaDwA on - last edited - Viewed by 151 users
I'm not so sure about this, but ToMI does support use of a gamepad on pc to controll guybrushes movement right?

I haven't been able to connect my gamepad, that works fine with every other game, to ToMI. It doesnt even have anything about gamepad control in the settings so i may be wrong.

Does anyone know anything about this or what i may be doing wrong?
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  • oh come on.....?
  • I personally don't know of any reason why a controller wouldn't work. The game wasn't designed with a controller in mind though, so there is nothing bound to mouse control. You should theoretically be able to walk around with the control stick though.

    Basically, even if you could get it to connect, you wouldn't gain a whole lot from it.
  • Take a look at Xpadder. You can set your controller up using that, so it'll emulate mouse movements. You can also set it up to emulate everything else like running about, and picking items etc up, allowing you to play the entire game with a gamepad. Xpadder used to be free, but I believe you have to pay a small fortune for it now. It allows you to use your gamepad with pretty much anything though, which is good.
  • Thanks Rawr
    It worked perfectly
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