Does anyone feel just bad for Bruce? (Spoilers)

Season One he got so much shit for what his parents did, and while it was somewhat understandable that people would be pissed as his wealth comes from the blood of innocents, it wasn't HIS fault. He was just a kid and he only found this out after a life grieving his parents as the wonderful people he remembered them as during his childhood.

Season Two was even worse, going undercover with the Pact, the Agency breathing down his neck and his weird relationship with the Joker (made even more sad if your Bruce actually LIKED the Joker), not to mention the death of Lucius and all Tifanny is going through. And then that ending with Alfred.

I just feel so bad for all these people who Bruce lost and who berated him, some of them doing so even AFTER finding out he's Batman.


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    But my Bruce has his good friend John.. screw the rest :D

  • Well, that is what the modern Batman is all about: Tragedy. I don't think it would be Batman if you have a happy Batman. (Only if you count Adam West Batman). Batman is no Superman. Superman is all about hope, and Batman is about resolution and drive, and to never give up even in the face of darkness.

  • Not really. Dude could live a fine life if he didn't choose to do all the Batman shenanigans.

  • I did, he did have "a lot going on "....I'm most impressed that he got the snot beat out of him but had time to suit up and go talk to Tiffany....those stab wounds had to be hurtin no ?

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    Kind of weird but I think they could have made it even more darker but as Katanas said Batman's all about Tragedy. His origin story is already a tragedy lol.

  • Bruce Wayne has been through alot of shit. So yeah. I really feel bad for him, but that's the path of Batman

  • Surely Bruce suffered a lot of tragedies, but first off: he choosed this line of work.
    And second - he's not alone. He has a lot of people who care about him - Alfred, Selina, Jim Gordon, John Doe, Tiffany, Avesta. If he choose to push them away - it's his choice.
    It's not like he's out of control or was forced into something.
    I feel much more sorry for people who surround him, lol, especially Alfred, Lucius and his family.

  • It's funny how you can push all of these people away.

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    Surely Bruce suffered a lot of tragedies, but first off: he choosed this line of work. And second - he's not alone. He has a lot

  • Not much. My Bruce still has a support system consisting of Avesta, Gordon and Tiffany to help him and still cares enough about John to visit him. He’ll be okay.

  • Oh yeah... The entire fifth episode felt like the climax of a tragedy for everyone who is involved

  • My Bruce gets to bang Catwoman so no I don't.

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