• Season 3 please

  • Season 3 or Riot!

  • Just. Just do it.

  • Do it. But do it right. Give yourselves a year to map out all the ways it can start and make things from Seasons 1 and 2 matter more.

  • PLEASE PETE. Batman: The Enemy Within was the most entertaining, intriguing, and immersive Telltale game I have played in years. There are still so many opportunities to explore within the Batman universe, please don't ignore the potential! Everyone unanimously agrees that they want a s3!

  • Umm! Please and thank you❤
    I would love a season 3!

  • Yes please :D

  • That's good. Very good.

    Maybe there is hope then. Hopefully the game performed well.

  • If not s Season 3, how about a side story like Suicide Squad or playing as a villain escaping from Blackgate?

  • Definitelly not for me. All I want is to play a game with Bruce/Batman as a protagonist again...

    prink34320 posted: »

    If not s Season 3, how about a side story like Suicide Squad or playing as a villain escaping from Blackgate?

  • Hell yeah season 3!!

  • I'd love a season 3 but only if Telltale can come up with a good story. Take your time Telltale, I prefer to wait longer than for season 3 to have a rushed story.

  • I'd be up for a Catwoman story to find out more about her past in Telltale's universe

  • I greatly enjoyed Season 1 and especially Season 2. Not opposed rob season 3, but maybe let’s wait a few years so we can get some other games + new technology.

  • if we get season 3 it wont happen for a long time, due to all the multiple endings they would have to make work

  • Season 2 felt like a step up from Season 1. If they keep going like that, they've most definitely got my purchase.

  • I wish I could [at] the CEO. I'd still love to get this season on Switch.

  • Batman Enemy Within is my favorite Batman story and is also one of my most favorite games ever!

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    Oh my days, I'd kill for a season 3! This is, dare I say it? Is it better than Tales from the Borderlands? I'm gonna say yes! I thoroughly enjoyed myself... and became emotionally damaged too, but that's part of the deal when it comes to Telltale, right? ;)

  • I adore this game and think it’s awesome but I’m concerned because when they approached season 2, I remember right from the start it was a definitive yes. Good that they’re heavily considering it, be great if they furthered the story !! They have only covered half of the amazing villains Batman has.

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