Selena Kyle Romance

So, do any choices continue the Selena Kyle romance from the prior Season?

I left her in the Riddler trap and didn't warn her about Gordon, so she was a bit upset with me in the end.


  • Letting her take the fall as the mole pretty much fucks things up for you

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    The choices that continue the romance from Season 1 are inviting Selina to the Batcave, telling her you want to try a relationship with her and taking the fall for the laptop.

    It doesn't matter much though if you didn't romance her in Season 1, you just miss a few mentions at the beginning of episode 3 and a kiss if you warned her about Gordon.

  • I messed up and didn’t tell her about Gordon but I let her into the Batcave, took the Ice chamber for her, fought by her side in episode 4 and told her I loved her in episode 5.

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