Lets Tally Villain vs Vigilante.

Lets get a tally started witch one in your opinion is better i will give my point later in the post so as to start the poll at zero.


  • Vigilante for me

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    I choose route V.
    Batman: The Enemy Within
    meaningless [V]illains

  • Vigilante was a fresh take on the Joker.
    Villain was more of the same with Harley's and Joker's roles switched.

    I honestly preferred Vigilante, as I feel that it was much more emotionally charged, especially when you've made friends with John Doe. Seeing him fall apart at the end of the episode was much more saddening (in my opinion) due to the fact that you saw it happen right in front of your eyes.

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    Vigilante was the better route by far

  • Vigilante

  • Both endings were wonderful for different reasons, though my original ending was the vigilante route. Strong opening, Joker looking great, the comedy when he explains things, his 5 minute conversation with Alfred if you let him talk (I totally did, he says some interesting stuff like how he'd haunt Bruce if he died), and how he fell apart at the end. Genuinely upset me, he just wanted to be loved, and I did love him... he was my John.

    The villain ending had a lot more going in terms of content. The cages, the graves, the dinner party, and the showdown of course where Bruce can confess very strong feelings for John (I suppose I should say if you saw it that way, because no matter what I throw at people, people choose to think otherwise, but I'm not looking for a fight here).

    I hope for a season 3.

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    I think both were good in different ways, but

    Better Introduction: Villain

    Better Rising Action: Neither one was spectacular, nor bad.

    Better Conclusion: Vigilante

    I think if I really had to pick one, I'd say Vigilante, because it really hit home, with John's fall, and when Alfred was leaving in the end he said that Batman creates the evil he means to destroy, and he was completely right, because I really did create John.

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    I end up with the vigilante ending which was confusing, i didnt know on what side i am and i didnt want to hurt Joker but the game wanted me to.

    The villain ending is very emotional to me when that music starts playing and he says you cant beat me Bruce i am the villain of your dreams and when he starts to bringing back Joker to life, damn...

  • Vigalante. No doubt in my mind about it.

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    Villain, because of Selina ♥
    Also because it is way more interesting and has more scenes than just "fighting in an alley at night 90% of the episode and then in Ace Chemicals". The fun house was made in an amazing way.

    And the best part is how people actually get hurt, this season was bloody, hell, last season had a lot of death too, having a path of training an insane robin doesn't fit the narrative, specially since they built it up since Ep 1 that John had "ton of potential", and having that potential wasted in being a wanna be hero who "oh what a shock, he was evil and crazy all along" is meh.

    I don't like Vigilante because you're just repeating Episode 4, John starts as good, helpful and a friend, and then he murders the Agents, wants to beat you if you don't believe him and blows up a bridge. The exact same thing happens in Ep 5 with Vigilante, except for the bridge.

  • Vigilante-- maybe it's because that ending was the result of my actual choices. I watched a video for the Villain route but I just couldn't get into it.

  • Vigilante.
    Stronger Joker with gadgets + he's my friend.

  • Even though I made Joker as a vigilante in my first play through, I preferred Villain because I loved playing that game with Joker and Harley and the fight scenes were amazing. I liked vigilante but it wasn't for me.

  • I thought both parts were great. Vigilante was more emotional, loved the team-up with Joker at the beginning and the final showdown with Joker was just amazing. On the other hand, Villain was more fun, the stakes were higher and Selina didn't get shafted as much as in the Vigilante path. (still salty there was no final scene with her in both parts though)

    But overall, I think I enjoyed the Vigilante route more.

  • Villain. The stakes were higher and it was more dark and serious, making it a more engaging season finale. The plot also felt more solid, Selina got more closure, and the Funhouse part was brilliant, specially the final fight with Joker, wich was much more emotional.

  • Vigilante.

  • The Villain route I love the fight scenes at ace chemicals with Gordon (even though it was short),and at the dinner party with selina against joker and Harley and loved the part where joker shot at selina with the fake gun that shoots out a flag with the words "Bang" on it (was expecting it to be like a speargun and still shoot at her :disappointed: ) and loved how he brought joker back to life at the end.

  • I am not sure yet, even though on my first playthrough I played the Villain route I think, that both paths are great. To be honest I have expected the Villain route to be darker (also literaly) and I thought that it's gonna lead us to the classic Joker from the comics, although after playing the 5th episode it turned out, that actually in this path we've got a Joker who just wants to be Bruce's best "Frenemy", while the Vigilante Joker actually ended up more mentally broken and the "final product" of this path felt somewhat closer to the comics.

  • Vigilante, Joker had good intentions earlier so I wanted him to do great things like he had potential.

  • Vigilante for me, hope to see more of it in future seasons.

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    I think overall both versions were pretty strong and enjoyable, and had plenty of highlights and memorable moments to make replaying or redoing the episode for a different Path worthwhile.


    • More Batman content.
    • A unique and fresh take on a Joker story.
    • Batman and Joker team-up against Bane and the Agency.
    • Joker and Alfred.
    • Batman (and Joker) vs. Suicide Squad.
    • More Gordon.
    • More direct confrontation with Waller.
    • Get to properly solo fight and arrest Harley.
    • Possible more intimate moment with both Catwoman and Iman.
    • More of Tiffany as your protege or assistant.
    • The entire final showdown at Ace Chemicals.
    • A more intimate final conversation with Waller.


    • More Bruce content.
    • A well-written and strong portrayal of a classic and fully-realized Joker.
    • More brutal and gut-punching moments.
    • "Because I'm Batman."
    • More Catwoman
    • A little more Harley.
    • Joker and Harley (if you're into that).
    • The funhouse (especially the suspect graves).
    • A better reveal of Tiffany as Riddler's killer (in my opinion).
    • The dinner with the "Batfamily" and Joker and Harley.
    • Bruce and Selina vs. Joker and Harley.
    • A more intimate final showdown between Bruce and Joker.
  • Villain, both paths were good... but villain had me more on edge then the Vigilante route.

  • Villain of course. Being John's babysitter does not work as a proper season finale in my opinion. Fighting with a vengeful psycho for the safety of the entire city and people close to your heart works much better.

  • Vigilante for me. It felt more natural. And fresh, of course. The whole villain shtick has been done many times as it is.

  • I liked the Villain one more but the Vigilante path seems to have a much better outcome. I felt like the Vigilante ending was so quick with many loose ends. No long conversation with Gordon and we dont get to see what happens to Selina depending on our choices we made. Currently im on my 4th playthrough, i wanna make sure i have a save for each important decision that way i can import everything when season 3 comes out :hushed: :smiley:

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