How would you make Season 3?

I love the Telltale Batman universe. Way more than Arkham. I think they've done a great job of introducing characters and retelling them. What I'd really like to discuss while Batman is hot on the minds is how you'd make Season 3. How would you make the choices matter of the past 2 seasons? Who would you introduce? And what would be the overall theme of the Season?


  • I think it will be hard to import season 2 choices into season 3.
    It will take a lot of work and time to make it possible unless they make our choices to not matter.

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    How to make the choices matter I’ll leave to someone else. But two characters I’d like to see introduced are Poison Ivy and Talia al Ghul. (If Avesta isn’t actually her.) If Avesta is Talia then I’d like to see her reveal her real name and past.

  • Introduce Dick Grayson, and have the story take place over many years as you mold him into a crimefighter. You would choose how hard to train him, how much risk you put him in on the field, you would decide if you want to be a stern mentor, a warm father, or somewhere in between. Your actions would affect his personality much like Joker at the end of this series, except that you’d see your influence throughout the season instead of just at the end.

    The focus of the season would be how Bruce copes with being a father, and as the season progresses how he handles aging and the damage he’s doing to his body.

    For main overarching antagonist I would go with Ras Al Ghul being the one pulling the stings, possibly working with Vicki Vale just to bring things full circle. Each episode would focus on different villains from Bruce’s past, and put a nice bow on their stories, no questions left unanswered.

    Ideally this season would have at least 7 episodes to tell the story I would like to see told.

    And this is assuming the 3rd season would be the final season. . . At least for a while.

    I apologize if this is hard to read. I’m on mobile, and I’m just kind throwing stuff at a wall here. 😅

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    Who would I introduce? Someone powerful. Someone who would make Gotham great again.

    • If you gave up Batman then you spend the first episode as Bruce Wayne using Wayne Enterprises and fundraising opportunities to fund the GCPD, Arkham Asylum, and make Gotham a safer place. A powerful villain is introduced and both Bruce and Alfred agree that Batman must return to fight this menace.
    • If you gave up Alfred then you spend the first episode as Batman, fighting criminals and keeping Gotham safe as Batman likes to do. Plenty of brutal Bat options. A powerful villain is introduced and publically beats Batman's ass. The episode ends with a shot of Alfred in a beachside bar drinking something delicious when he sees the news report and tells the bartender to close out his tab, because he just realized that he is needed somewhere else.
    • If Tiffany is your protege then she appears in several Batman scenes and helps out in fights. If she is with the Agency or arrested then she doesn't appear at all.
    • Avesta ends up at Wayne Enterprises no matter what. Either you offered her a job personally or she got sacked by Waller and applied for a Wayne Enterprises job. She is a great asset at first as she is a higher up in the company who can help cover for Bruce, but eventually she is either exposed to a Wayne Enterprises biochemical experiment that turns her into Poison Ivy or she is revealed to be working for the League of Assassins the entire time.
    • Freeze returns and is either vengeful or grateful depending on how you left him, and he is vengeful/grateful towards either Bruce or Batman depending on who you went to SANCTUS as.
    • Gordon is either reinstated or is working as a freelance detective alongside Batman and the GCPD. He has a cane and a limp if you got the villain Joker route.
    • The League of Assassins shows up to kill the s3 villains but Batman takes them on out of principle. They end up overpowering him, kidnapping him, and taking him to Ra's al Ghul, who offers him intense martial arts training and tries to make him rethink his no killing code.

    That's about all I can think of right now but I'll add stuff if I think of more.

  • Personally I can't really see Avesta as Poison Ivy.

    * If you gave up Batman then you spend the first episode as Bruce Wayne using Wayne Enterprises and fundraising opportunities to f

  • It's the green eyes that gave me the idea in the first place

    Personally I can't really see Avesta as Poison Ivy.

  • I getcha. 👍🏻

    It's the green eyes that gave me the idea in the first place

  • Maybe introduce Justice League-- that way, even if your Bruce gave up his usual Batman role, he could still take up the cowl again to protect the planet from super-threats. Alfred would probably be cool with it if he was needed to save the earth.

    Bring back Catwoman, of course, but introduce an alternate romance option-- maybe something unexpected.

    Give us some nice backstory on how our choices from S1 & 2 have played out over time, but don't focus too much game time on it.

  • First, off I'd like to make it as though the final choice in S2Ep5 matters most in this season as to whether you gave up Batman or kept being him. So naturally, the best course of action is either completely write off Alfred in one storyline and have him in another.

    If you remain as Batman: Bruce is depressed at home and the house is in a pretty dirty mess and Bruce's obsession with Batman has started to make his health worse, growing a beard and looking more beaten down. Gone are a lot of his playboy charms as Bruce and replaced is something that resembles more of a Dark Knight Returns Bruce. But Crime in Gotham has decreased to the point of being labelled as one of the safest countries in America in the news. But Bruce is too driven and broken to take any consideration of the news and now tends to see crime everywhere. Batman tracks a lead to a gangster named Tony Zucko who works for the new underground crime lord Richard Sionis or his Allis Black Mask, who has ordered Zucko to take down a travelling circus owned by Jonathan and Mary Grayson. But Black Mask and his gang aren't the only problems, Oswald Cobblepot has started to set up his own Club called the Iceberg Lounge and has employed a former heavyweight boxer named Waylon Jones as his bodyguard, who in his glory days went by the name Killer Croc.

    Now if you gave up Batman: Bruce is a much happier man, going to parties and making Wayne Industries a much more productive company and also helping Gotham's grizzler areas expand into more homes and schools for less well off people, Bruce also enjoys his wealth by going out more often and if you pursued a romance with Selina or Evesta, they will be by your side most of the time, or if neither Bruce will be a playboy with 3 girls around him. However, crime in Gotham grows and criminals like Richard Sionis and even Oswald Cobblepot are attending the parties Bruce goes, Oswald is still greedy but masks it with humour and tries to start over again with Bruce. One night Bruce attends a circus performance by the travelling Graysons with either Selina, Evesta or Alfred and witnesses a brutal "Accident" and the death of Jonathan and Mary Grayson.

    Now, this is where I think it would be perfect to make use of the final choice in Season 2. If you choose to stay as Batman he fails to stop the death of the Grayson's in time and is so guilty he adopts Dick as his guardian, and throughout this storyline, you are given the options to try to spend more time with a young Dick or Neglect him for you're working as Batman. If you are Bruce than you pretty much get the same storyline, but you could start being more investigative and it would also be the perfect opportunity to introduce Bruce's alter ego Matches Malone.

    I would also like to Introduce Poison Ivy into the frame by maybe making her the girlfriend of Richard Sionis, with Altera motives to get enough money out of him to fund her own greenhouse. She could also be tempting you as Bruce and as Batman (Also Altera motives) and through you're actions she could end up getting into more deep trouble or becoming more aware of the darkness of playing with the wrong crowd.

    I think it's good that Joker, Harley, Bane, Freeze and Harvey were introduced. But maybe keep them out of this issue. The thing that made Arkham Knight less steller was the reliance on Joker as the main villain at every stage, I'd like to maybe have most of them show up and be involved somehow in the story. But please don't make them the main antagonists.

  • Yer. I like the idea of Avesta being Talia, but I can't see her as Ivy. Just because Ivy has always had a feeling of being seductive, Avesta has no such quality about her so it'd be a little out of character to have her suddenly become a seductive person like Ivy.

    Personally I can't really see Avesta as Poison Ivy.

  • I don't know man. I think the specialty about Telltale's Batman is that there are no really big supernatural things about the characters (Aside from the mass sums of money to get there decore stylised). I think adding Superman or Wonder Woman would be a mistake of sorts. Heck, I wasn't even a big fan of Waller being involved with the series, mainly because of her connection with other supernatural villains.

    Maybe introduce Justice League-- that way, even if your Bruce gave up his usual Batman role, he could still take up the cowl again

  • Well since I chose to pick Batman over Alfred I would go with a really ruthless Batman. Ya know, burning the Batman logo into criminals with a cattle prod, breaking people’s limbs, perhaps cutting someone’s hand off? Anyways, after all Bruce has had to deal with he’s started to lose it after losing Alfred.

  • I like this idea of a much more ruthless Batman if you choose to go with him. But of course all the actions you make a choice based.

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    Well since I chose to pick Batman over Alfred I would go with a really ruthless Batman. Ya know, burning the Batman logo into crim

  • I actually like parts of what VengefulKenny proposes, but I've been looking over the game again and I realize one character should return as a determined enemy or ally depending on your choices: Mr Freeze

    If there is a decision to involve the League of Shadows then Mr Freeze should be involved. Given the choices you do he can become an ally or an enemy if it involves his wife. With the decision being made it would end with either Nora completely cured or weakened. If become and ally and succeeded then Freeze would give Batman his tech to use. With Freeze's wife Nora not shown I was thinking her race could be changed to being Asian or a mixed race Asian in this version because why not? Also Nora's family was mention in the Media Feed and I thought that could play out. Namely Nora's sister

    Mr Freeze is a character that has been known to be a villain but his only redeeming factor is his wife, and he could be redeemed if you did have a chance to save his wife. I already told him as Bruce that I would house his wife until Freeze finds a cure. So I'd rather live up to that

    Another factor I'm hoping Telltale would consider is involving Blackport. That's the part of Gotham that caught my attention since the "Batman: White Knight" comic and could play into this with how Bruce would handle this and the people there, but that also would put in conflict with his company as they mainly focus on profits. Namely the board like Regina who want to profit from it through real estate. There would be two routes that you would have to consider involving both the positives and the negatives. One were you meet with the real estate lead by Richard Sionis's Investment group and GothCorp or meet with the community members lead by former GCPD Officer Duke Thomas. Each side would have a different opinion but ultimately your decision would affect how people would view you. Also the introduction to Mr. Bloom as a main villain because that is a villain that will be a challenge to Batman and how his role would be affected on Backport

    I also liked "DrewLamon" involving Poison Ivy being researcher and is seeing Richard Sionis in hopes of funding her reseach, but I think as Bruce the choices we make could have her on our side as a determined and she could actually help you if it means her research would continue. Pamela Isley would be working for GothCorp involving plants and how to help the environment, and depending on your choices you can bring her in as an ally. Maybe have a moment were there's a big giant tree in the middle of Gotham and you chose to keep it

    Another I think I mention before is the need to introduce new allies to help Batman since depending on your choices Alfred would nolonger operate on the Batcomputer if he's not there or if Tiffany is not there. However, if either or both of them are then a new person could help out. I mention Barbara Gordon or Qadir Ali and each of them have special skills and could operate the Batcomputer with additional bonuses. Avesta could have a role determining if she joins Wayne Enterprise as she helps run the company. She would pretty much fill the Alfred role

    And lastly you would also bring in your other allies to assist you in the fight. Like if you're good with Joker in the Vigilante route then he'll help you

  • . Set 1-3 years after season 2.

    . If you chose Alfred over batman, you’re operating as Bruce Wayne like you were in season 2, infiltrating different crime families but mostly working from within the Batcave and making contributions to the society with your wealth and influence, his health is at a peak. At the end of Episode 1, both Alfred and Bruce agree that Batman needs to return.

    . If you chose Tiffany in this scenario, she's now the unseen guardian of Gotham, either working on the rooftops with her drone or in the batcave.

    . If you chose Batman, Gotham is safer as Batman is nearly as proficient as he was in Season 1 and crime rates have been vastly lowered since Joker but his health is significantly lower than it could have been.

    . If Tiffany is a hero in this scenario, she investigates crime scenes by Bruce's side but worries about Bruce's emotional security. However if she is an agent, you don't see her at all and if she is on the run from Batman she has found security among the Court of Owls.

    . If Catwoman was an ally/love interest in season 2, she returns to your side in episode 2 and regularly comes to the manor and batcave, her love for Bruce grows throughout the season and their relationship takes giant leaps throughout the season. If you betrayed her and didn’t get on with her in season 2, she resents you.

    . The Court of Owls and their associates are the villains, the associates are Scarecrow, Poison Ivy, Killer Croc and Mr Freeze. Agent Avesta could really be Nisa (Not Talia) which could nicely be a cliff hanger to the introduction of the League of Assassins.

  • maybe a stupid question, but is a third season has been confirmed? (I hope so!)

  • Its not been confirmed, they said they are "thinking" about it.
    They also have said its possible to make a season 3 with all those choices from season 2

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    maybe a stupid question, but is a third season has been confirmed? (I hope so!)

  • the CEO of Telltale Games replied in a tweet that he was thinking about it and on the Telltale Twitter account they retweeted an interview in which the lead writer of the episode 5 said that theres potential for a third season.

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    maybe a stupid question, but is a third season has been confirmed? (I hope so!)

  • ok thanks

    the CEO of Telltale Games replied in a tweet that he was thinking about it and on the Telltale Twitter account they retweeted an interview in which the lead writer of the episode 5 said that theres potential for a third season.

  • I would make a Season 3 like this:

    • The setting will be like five years in the future and something big will happen that forces Bruce to return to his role as Batman if Bruce gave up Batman. Alfred will return to Gotham if Bruce gave up Alfred by having Bruce get badly injured and Alfred hearing about it on TV.
    • I would set the main villains as either the league of shadows or perhaps even Talon the reason behind this is because in the comics Talon beat Batman. Also the league of shadows would be so that we know that Bruce trained with the League of Shadows and having someone who knows most of Batman's moves would be pretty cool to see fight against him. Also perhaps Ra's Al Ghul is searching for Avesta who might be Talia because she mentions that she was on the run from someone in the past.
    • Catwoman/Selina Kyle and Avesta will return and Bruce will often have to choose who he cares about the most and depending on who you choose you can get different gear like maybe Bruce will get Selina's magnet claw device and Avesta will give him some sort of stunner or something like that.
    • If TellTale wanted to connect this season with another DC series like Wonder Woman mention very subtly that an Amazonian sword was stolen from Gotham's Museum or something like that.

    These are just some of my ideas on how I would like Season 3 to be. Let me know what you guys think. :smiley:

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    I would love if they added Clark Kent(aka Superman) as well. It would be extremely intresting(and amusing) watching Clark interviewing Bruce and with both of them oblivious of each other's secret identity.

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