A year one story?

I kinda really want to see a sorta year one story set in this universe see how batman and Gordon started out and wind up to the first ep of season 1. Either a comic like sins of the father or maybe have flashback story along the main story of season 3 like how the show arrow does it.


  • Uhh season 1 is essentially year 1. His first major villains introduced, Gordon thinks Batman is a bad guy before partnering up with him, etc.

  • Like VengefulKenny said, S1 is pretty much year one. If anything its like "year two" lmao. Also going back to a prequel is just dumb and lazy.

  • I think he means the very start of Batman's career.

  • Yea but that would be boring to see because apparently Batman has never met Falcone and has only stopped smaller criminals.

    protocol115 posted: »

    I think he means the very start of Batman's career.

  • Maybe if there is a third season with Ra's al Ghul and the League of Assassins, we get a flashback to Batman's origins in an episode. Maybe he is captured in a cell and we get these scenes. I think it would be cool, since we never really got an origin for him.

  • It wouldn't be very fun as season 1 is when Batman first encounters 'Super villains'

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