Who was the ennemy within?

It's the title of this season after all.

I think about it since some days and wonders to whom the title refers to.
The title is singular so it must point to someone in particular.

I guess the easy take is Bruce being in the Pact since he pretends to be a gangster.
But I mean.. it could refer to a lot of characters too? It could refer to Waller as she's crooked and have dirty methods or even Batman as the point of the last episode is that he creates his ennemies.

The most plausible to me is that it would refer to Joker as he is"trapped" inside John Doe and finally comes out in the end of the season.

What do you think and what's your take on the title?


  • I think it was suppose to be Bruce and the enemies he makes from within type of deal, kinda like how Alfred at the end starts saying all these big bad villains only started because of Batman, thus making the enemy ourselves, and the villains we create.

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    Joker true self inside of him, which appears after Episode 4.

    After all, the whole season is about how "John has potential" "The voices inside me" "If Harley saw me, like truly saw me". And well, in the end, Joker always ends up being an enemy, and that deep evil side of him that shows on Episode 5 was insane him.

  • There were many

    • Joker was the enemy within John
    • Bruce was the enemy within the Pact
    • Waller was the enemy within Gotham
    • Depending on your perspective, Batman is also the enemy within Bruce, the darkness that causes as much trouble as he prevents
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    I saw Waller as the enemy for a number of reasons and reasons that Joker had outlined to her as well:

    She tried to implicate Joker in Riddler's death when it was Tiffany who committed the murder.

    She was unethical and tried to hide her involvement with SANCTUS from Bruce. I think she knew about them the entire time.

    She attempted to use dangerous criminals (EX-Pact) as part of a her suicide squad. She took Riddler's blood and used it as bait against the pact members as leverage/

    She lied about taking care of her people, when her agents were considered expendable.

    As Joker told Waller, she attempted to Blackmail Batman into doing her dirty work so that she doesn't go public with his true identity. Joker found this out because he heard Bruce's entire conversation with Waller in the alleyway

    She tried to shoot Joker on the bridge when he refused to hand over the virus. It was revealed that he was going to give to her if she didn't try to shoot and kill him. For me, that is considered attempted murder.

    _*In my eyes, Waller should not have been allowed to simply leave gotham scott free. _

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    The worst version of yourself. I made a similar thread after Ep 2 or 3 and have come to the same conclusion at the end. While there are enemies left and right, the true enemy is the one that lurks deep within.

    In this case, it's anyone that's succumbed to their darker desires, like Tiffany and Gordon, have done stuff they're not proud of, hence the "Never Have I Ever" game in the Villain route that exposed Alfred and Selina, or a lack of direction in one's life, like Avesta and John.

    1. Bruce's consistent use of John, betraying his trust
    2. Alfred's reluctance to support Batman's crusade as well as the lies of Season 1
    3. Selina's past thievery and using Bruce's feelings and need for redemption
    4. Tiffany murdering Riddler
    5. John's struggle to find an identity he's comfortable with (Likely what the title really refers to, among all the other things)
    6. Gordon succumbing to his frustrations and taking it out on the job
    7. Avesta's existential crisis

    A good amount of characters weren't in a state in which they were happy with themselves or their surroundings. So while a number of fights were external conflicts, the "Enemy Within" I'd imagine is the internal conflicts.

  • I got the feeling that the final scene with Alfred was a bit of a reveal that Bruce was the enemy within: He's his own biggest enemy by creating so many of his own problems and by harming Alfred and driving him away.

    How cool would it have been though if Bruce got a dose of that Lotus and went crazy though, getting to have a real enemy within himself, and setting up for a crazy season 3? ...Er, probly not that cool, just a thought I came up with while waiting for Ep. 5.

  • Like mirashade already stated its Bruce/Batman imo.
    Almost everyone in the season aren't so good as they seem. Especially Joker, Waller, Catwoman and Tiffany. Bruce/Batman creates the evil, as said by Alfred in his final scene. All the people in the season have enemies in them, but Bruce is at the centre of them. He is the true enemy within.
    Avesta to Bruce: "And you, my friend, are at the center.
    Avesta: "The criminally insane, they seem drawn to you
    Alfred: "Sometimes, its as if Batman creates the evil he needs to destroy.

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