Suicide Squad Spin-Off Speculation

I like to share speculations on what a Suicide Squad spin-off game would have. And just so you know, the choice to give up being Batman had me convinced more than ever that Telltale could make a game based on Suicide Squad. Also, I'll go first on the speculating.

  1. Voice actors and their roles. Nolan North as Captain Boomerang. Gavin Hammon as El DIablo. Melissa Hutchison or Vale de la Maza as Zoe Lawton.
  2. Determinant cameos of Tiffany, Harrison, Blake, Mr. Freeze, Avesta, and/or Catwoman. ... I took the vigilante Joker path, so I'm not sure if the latter two survive Joker's bombs no matter what.
  3. News archives that can be affected by which Joker you got. And if you gave up being Batman, or let Alfred go.
  4. The main bad guy being a member of the Batman rogues gallery. Most likely either Hugo Strange, or Ra's Al Ghul. Or the main bad guy could be someone new like Lady Arkham (AKA Vicki Vale).
  5. The spin-off beginning with a flashback of Deadshot being put in the Agency's captivity.
  6. The story generator only bringing up choices that affect Avesta, Waller, Catwoman, Harley, Bane, Tiffany, Blake, Harrison, and/or Mr. Freeze.

What do you think? And now it's your turn to speculate.

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