Fables-The Wolf Among Us, art subreddit

With the new game being announced and a movie in development and plenty of great fan art online, I thought I would create a subreddit for one of my favourite games and comic series where people can post fables and TWAU related artwork or even their own personal artwork/drawings.




  • i'm not on reddit myself, but i'd drawn this lil pattern-y screen-saver yoke that I was pretty pleased with! :*

    finished my lil pattern ode to @telltalegames the wolf among us!! 🐺🚬✨ to scratch the itch that is needing and waiting for season 2 later this year! πŸ’œ pic.twitter.com/qhMF4GlaWL

    — ✨ BARBARELLA BUNNY ✨ (@barbarellabunz) February 4, 2018
  • Cool subreddit! I really love seeing fan art that captures the comicy, neon-noir aesthetic of Wolf Among Us, so I'll definitely have to keep tabs on that.

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