I really want to see Riddler and Selina's backstory!

Now that the season is over we know very little about Selina's relationship with the Riddler. We know that they were friends and seem to have been close but not much beyond that. We know that Selina came back to Gotham to avenge him. She was fully ready to murder Tiffany as well. I'm thinking it was like a student-teacher relationship. Maybe Riddler took her in, taught her to be smart and how to survive. I'd like to see a DLC where we'd play as a younger Selina with the Riddler. I just really want to learn more!

What do you think? Curious to see their backstory? Share your thoughts! :)


  • There are a lot of things that I want to see more of in this universe that Telltale has recreated, this is absolutely one thing that could work out since they are both interesting characters and I would guess that Riddler/Eddie might have been somewhat of a father figure for Selina.

    There is always the small issue when you go back in time you remove some of the stakes... we know for sure that Selina and Eddie will be fine whatever happened before since we know they are okay during the opening of season 2 (Riddler a bit less okay since he is a bit more crazy)

    I don't think we will see any DLC from Telltale on this universe, I think we will have to just be satisfied with what we have got and hopefully, we will get at least a season three!

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