Reasons for giving up Alfred

When it came down to choosing between giving up Alfred or Batman. I chose to give up on Alfred. It did hurt when making this decision but I chose this because:

  • After all the destruction that the Pact and Joker cause, there would be a power vacuum and a rise in crime.
  • I got my partnership with Jim back
  • Waller and I left on a good note as allies
  • I'm now Tiffany's mentor and I want to train her

But the main reason I chose to give up Alfred was because from the all the stories I've seen of Batman, he always comes back no matter what.

I would also like to add that this was the vigilante route.


  • Alfred is a drama queen.

  • I gave up Alfred because after seeing every versions of him I don't want Alfred to suffer as I go along as Batman

  • It wouldnt be fun anymore without being batman

  • It's such a difficult personal choice to make. Ultimately, I decided not to in my 'canon' play through which is just my first one with whatever choices I made in the moment - no going back. But I do have a game save that I did leave Alfred behind.

    My reasons for giving up Batman -

    • Batman is my obsession and maintaining it has left me disconnected
    • It places my loved ones in constant danger, and killed one of my closest friends
    • John had a valid point concerning the hypocrisy of letting Waller off the hook, I at least need time to reevaluate my beliefs
    • I need to widen my focus away from simply spending nights beating up thugs. Gotham needs more than this to heal, and I haven't been doing my part as Bruce Wayne to repair it
    • To allow Jim to take the reigns in this city using 'the right way'

    I feel like this way I can return when called for, but with better balance.

    My reasons for giving up Alfred -

    • For Alfred's own sake, he needs time out of Gotham away from all of the danger and death for his health
    • To bring Tiffany to justice for the murder of Riddler
    • I don't know who I am without the mask or how to deal with society
    • I like the violence, and the power behind being Batman. A tough admission, but it's true. I feel oddly justified in causing pain to those who break the law. This is the part of myself where I do find myself agreeing with Waller. These people have hurt and killed others. Who cares how much damage is caused to them in return?
    • I have no idea what I actually do at Wayne Enterprises.
  • I had the vigilante route and I gave up Alfred as well for a lot of the same reasons.

    Bruce had just taken on Tiffany as a protege and reformed his partnership with Jim. It would be uncharacteristic for Batman to suddenly disappear. Alfred was also being rather emotionally manipulative. He had encouraged us to find allies all season, to use John for our own gain, and to generally continue on the crusade no matter the costs. The most he hinted at was wanting a vacation, which would be totally understandable. But suddenly once we emerge victorious he starts going off on how Bruce is like Thomas and how he simply can't stand it anymore. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Plus Batman does a lot more good than bad, and Gotham would suffer for it if Batman disappeared.

    The kicker is that even if you give up your Batman crusade for his sake, he reluctantly agrees to maybe just one more night at Wayne Manor. You simply can't please the guy.

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    Why did i let Alfred leave? Because. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

  • I let Alfred go, and I don't regret it. I didn't appreciate his trying to blame me or at least put some of the blame on me for all the bad things in Gotham or for all of the villains. Did I have some blame in the creation on Joker? Some, yes. I don't deny that, but I did try to help John in every way I could until he went too far.

    But I'm not responsible and shouldn't be held accountable for Two-Face, Penguin, Lady Arkham, etc...

    Batman helps the city and the people. He does good. There are mistakes along the way, sure, but think of how much worse Gotham would've been had he not been around.

    Besides, perhaps Alfred will be happier this way. He can lead his own life and rest and enjoy himself.

  • Alfred was being a hypocrite and an idiot. Gladly told him to piss off in my 2nd play through.

  • Yeah, I had to let him go for a lot of those reasons. I didn't blame him too much for reaching his limit. He's old and seen a lot of nightmares. But I do think he had logical holes in his arguments. I reminded him that he was for using John in the early going and he comes back with "well if I knew how it would turn out...." Same here Alfred!

    If Batman created all the villains in this game much less the first two then I might agree. But most of the villains we ran into here with the Pact...had nothing to do with Batman! Batman didn't create the Riddler, or Bane, or Harley, or bio terrorists! He created the Joker and that is fair to note. But the city would be far worse without Batman. Heck just trying to solve things as Bruce Wayne and using money.....just started the road down towards Two Face and the Children of Arkham. Some things can't be solved with money and good wishes.

    It hurts to lose Alfred, but Batman has obligations. Just patched things up with Jim, things are fine with Catwoman, Tiffany needs mentoring, etc. There is just way too much that can't be instantly dropped. Alfred might be done, but Batman isn't.

  • I agree with pretty much all this

    FlareKnight posted: »

    Yeah, I had to let him go for a lot of those reasons. I didn't blame him too much for reaching his limit. He's old and seen a lot

  • I use all four of the save files you have with the game and i title them as follows.

    Save File 1 re-named Good Batman

    Save File 2 re-named Bad Batman

    Save File 3 re-named Good And Bad Batman

    Save File 4 re-named 50/50 Batman

    Good Batman - Gave up Alfred because as he pointed out to Alfred during their conversation there was evil before Batman and without him there would be even more (at least he thinks so) An as much as he loves Alfred he can't give up Batman not because he considers himself more Batman than Bruce but simply because he can't risk/allow Gotham to go back to how it was before not if he knows that he can stop it from happening.

    Bad Batman - didn't even give Alfred a chance to explain he simply told him to leave due to the fact he isn't interested in hearing Alfred's excuses. Especially seeing as how as far as he is concerned Alfred already let him down by keeping the truth about his parents secret from him. This version considers Batman to be who he really is and Bruce Wayne is the mask he wears. He also see's things in a black and white way that way being your either with him or useful to him or your against him or your not useful to him. He doesn't care who he has to use Gordon Waller Selina Alfred John Doe. He doesn't care what he has to do whether it is brutalize Falcone break a sniper's arm or sacrifice some Agents so long as it get's the job done he is willing to do it.

    Good and Bad Batman - He gave up Batman for Alfred because as important to him as what he does as Batman is it is not worth losing the only family he has left and besides he has already proven he doesn't need armour to do good he proved that when he defeated Penguin as Bruce Wayne and defeated Lady Arkham in a prototype version of the Batsuit.

    50/50 - Gave up Alfred because as much of a 'thrill' as he get's being Batman (yes when Catwoman asked him at the start of episode 1 why he does what he does I had him say he does it for the thrill so this Bruce Wayne is an adrenaline junkie) An as much of an adrenaline rush as he get's being Batman he isn't willing to sacrifice his relationship with Alfred for it hence he reason why he gave up Batman.

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