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Support Issue?

posted by The Highway on - last edited - Viewed by 221 users
I just got an email saying issue-20581 had been recieved. I never presented such an issue, I haven't had an issue for over a month. Why did I get this email?
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    Heh, it looks like your email account fired an auto-response to our support address for some reason, which created a ticket in our system. The contents of the support ticket are as follows:
    you, yes you said:
    This is an automated message from the Outbox of me! I'm either away
    or not checking my email, so, wait a while. Unless it's urgent.
    Then, you can keep mailing me. Now go away! I can' believe you spend
    your life reading automated messages... go... go and get some

    From the Jenius of Jack
  • Oh, that shouldn't have happened... That's for when I go on vacation... Huh... I didn't set it to that mode, so it looks like I'm gonna have to tear Google a new one... Verbally, of course. Heh, that message was written like, 2 years ago now! Jenius... I was so witty back in the day!

    But that also means that Telltale emailed me first... Uhoh! if I don't get rid of that, it will turn into a continuous loop! It will keep sending off those response emails, to which the support email address will send another email, which will trigger another email...

    I'm-a go fix it, now.

    Oh, and thanks
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