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My request is this: I want 1152x864. This is the highest resolution most 17in CRTs can display at 72hz, and I use it almost exclusively. (Who can afford an LCD?) It is a 4/3 ratio, so no real technical problem should exist.

Plus, according to Steam's hardware survey, ttp://
7.84% of people use it, more than the 2.05% who use 1600x1200, or the 3.40% who use 800x600, or even the 1.43% who use any other resolution, including 1280x960.

Just an idea...
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  • Thanks for the data! :)
  • Since I got a pretty big Screem full HD resolution (1920x1080) or even better to fit my screen 1920x1200 would also be nice...
  • I am a macuser, now we can play with windows game without any problem... as they are not many models, I give you native resolutions of Mac displays :
    • 1 280 x 800 (MacBook 13,3"[laptop])
    • 1 440 x 900 (iMac 17", MacBook Pro 15"[laptop])
    • 1 680 x 1 050 (iMac 20", MacBook Pro 17"[laptop])
    • 1 920 x 1 200 (iMac 24")
    They all have a 1,6 ratio (16:10)
    (I have an iMac 20", and in and in he S&M max resolution, Sam is a little bit fat ;))
  • Yeah, 16:10 resolutions should be implemented...
    Today there are a lot 16:10 screens out there, not only 4:3 ones.
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