Do you pity Crane?

While he is a scumbag and a total creep seeing him break down and confess his sick love in front of Snow is sad in a pathetic kind of way and how desperate he is to try to prove his innocence is pretty pitiful. The fact that he inspires nothing but hate and annoyance from anyone who comes into contact with him not to mention that he never had a chance with Snow makes me realize he's a small fish compared to the far more threatening, Tweedles, Bloody Mary and Crooked Man.


  • I slap him and break his nose

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    Tbh I thate him for how he treated Snow and how he thought about her. Plus he didn't care about Fabletown at all. Right, he's a 'small fish', but it doesn't change the fact he's disgusting at the same time. And though I consider myself rather empathic, I just can't bring myself to like or pity him even little.

  • Bigby can ask "how many years" and Crane can respond with "Too many." He wasn't just some moustache-twirler or some drooling blot of malice. He was a jerk on a power trip, but he did care about someone. He saw what he was becoming, and in spite of knowing it was twisted and wrong, he chose the fantasy in his dark mind over reality and good sense. The fact that he would stoop so low had to sting for him because he likes to think of him as genteel. Polite and refined and a gentleman, and the lengths he went to satisfy his fantasy were well beneath that. I pity him because I could see the pain he was causing himself in spite of choosing his own wants over his duties and the needs of others. But, pity cannot be mistaken for mercy, and sadly he doesn't learn his lesson.

  • Honestly? No. I don't really feel bad for him, he was a sexual deviant using his place of power to act out fantasies that bordered on non-consensual acts of sexual contact and he was also involved with the crooked man; and he did all this knowingly and with full cognitive awareness of all the crimes he was committing. Besides the embezzlement of funds, taking advantage of the low-income population, and various other counts you can find against his personality inside the game...

    No. I don't feel bad for him at all. He was...something unsavory, probably something you'd find on the underside of your shoe if you actually walked down the wrong, dark alley in actual New York City. Honestly, the guy was a criminal and a perverted scumbag. In fact, the only good thing I could honestly find to say about him during my original play through was: "Jeeze, at least this guy isn't a murderer...." XD

  • Crane is one of those characters that, on a mostly non-personal/ level in favor of a objective narrative one, I was generally kind of eh-ish about.
    I both sorta caught on and yet didn't expect certain things; namely, that it was pretty obvious that he simultaneously was increasingly sort of corrupt and yet clearly "innocent."

    I guess I could feel a little bad for him, but at the same time, he's just kind of ...a thing until I get a stronger overall grasp of the system.

    Though I initially passed on stepping in on this specifically because I legitimately figured something gonna happen to him.

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