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Glitch or Opportunity?

posted by Trelaina on - last edited - Viewed by 226 users
My son and I hit this after playing for over 6 hours. It was late, so we may have just been too tired to see it. :o

We got past the blockade and went after McGillicutty. Insulted him, he shot the cannon, etc etc. We have to fix the mast now and Guybrush says "okay, I'll check the map".

Now we are stuck. Can't click on the map, or anything for that matter. Can't move anywhere beyond the main deck. No one to talk to.

We can get to inventory, but there's nothing to use the inventory on. Tried combining a few things, no luck.

Did we hit a glitch? Or, should we just keep looking/trying?

No major hints please....I just want to know if we're at a legitimate point in the story...
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