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Looking Back at Your Childhood

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I was just wondering if any of you remember being terrified by something in the media (books, video games, TV show, music....) or if there was some..thing that influenced your childhood.

As for me, I remember being afraid of that Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series. The below image especially.


Other than that, for some reason smiley faces have always scared me, along with the Mr. Yuck. Watching back short episodes of Noseybonk, they have also been very creepy to watch.

One of my earliest instances of being scared was Christmas, when I was about 3. I was playing some Batman game on the computer, when I decided it would be a good idea to turn the volume up the highest possible level. That scared the heck of out me.

The three instances of something memorable would be as follows.
There was a very weird puzzle-solving book of my youth. They were all logic problems for pre-schoolers focused around a ear-muff wearing scientist.

The second is a GoldenBooks publication about a boy who's afraid of storms, so he runs away to the lighthouse. If anybody knows the name of this book, I've forgotten the name of this. Any help would be appreciated.

The last is watching Courage the Cowardly Dog. The episode with the tornado came into my dreams, creating the scariest possible combination of storms and Strega Nona.

So, what do you remember from your childhood?
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  • I can't remember anything specific terrifying me, but I know that Monkey Island played a huge part in my childhood :p
  • Ah, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. The most checked out library book there ever was in my school. Actually, I'm only 13 now, so I don't have much, but I have this. When I was 5, my dad showed me a picture on the computer... and I had to find the ghost... and if we turned up the sound, we could hear it... so he turned it up all the way.... and I was screamer'd. Screamed my head off, ran to my mom, and cried. Then for a while I was afraid to go anywhere near a blank screen in the dark. :(

    I remember the Powerpuff Girls teaching me how to eat broccoli....
  • I'm sure there were lots of scary things I've seen as a kid, but for some reason all I can remember right now is "Ren and Stimpy". It scarred me for life. Oh and I think there was a music video made by the same animator. Needless to say that gave me a few nightmares too.

    EDIT: Oh, I remember. Bjork!

  • Oh, the evil Flash Screamers... Was first done at my friend's house with a "What's wrong with this picture?" one...

    There was also that "Black Licorice" Clickamajig on ....

    "*childish evil laughter* I wonder what happens when I feed them black licorice...he h- OH CRAP AUUUGHH!!! *rapid clicking of Red X on screen*"

    Ah, and let's not forget those horrible dreams I had... of the ceiling in my home...which would randomly open up, and a crane *like in a crane game* would come down and pick me up. And drag me in.
  • image
    Don't tell me this wasn't the cause of your fears for clowns.

    Pie-throwing bastard.
  • ^Clowns are *meant* to be feared, buddy.
    Of course, a lot of people say Kefka is a popular cause for the fear of clowns in our generation.
  • Dr Who. And Sapphire and Steel. Had to hide behind the couch to watch them.

    **** you, BBC.

    Edit: And ITV!
  • This film scared the crap out of me as a kid, as did the Grapefruit 'Zoot' in Meet the Raisins. I also quickly learned to hate The Wizard of Oz very, very quickly, thus establishing myself as a massive cynic of everything sweet and lovable from an early age.

    Thanks for making me relive the nightmares. :p
  • jp-30;194685 said:
    And Sapphire and Steel.
    This. Seasons 2 and 3 were insane. Thank deity I didn't see them until I was an adult (Imported the box set DVDs), as they would have given my younger self nightmares for years.

    The Twilight Zone always screwed with my head as a kid. I kept on renting the VHS tapes, though. I was such a masochist. :p

    There's many others, but I can't remember them at the moment.
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