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Shipping Questions

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I asked this in game support, but I thought it'd be more fitting here (don't know how to get rid of it on that forum, though).

A few questions about shipping (as I'd hope you could surmise from the title):

Having purchased most of your games, I've received Sam & Max Season 1's DVD in the mail. I've held off on Season 2 and was considering waiting on Wallace and Gromit after it comes out for the sole reason that I'm in penny-pincher-mode and while I'd love to have them on my shelf, I can certainly wait until better financial times to shell out the shipping for a product that I can easily download from the website (minus the great features). I guess my questions are
1) can I wait indefinitely and whenever I'm ready (months, years) just have you send them to me (after providing my purchase codes)?
2) if I were to have several sent at once, wouldn't that cut down on the shipping cost?
3) for the Monkey Island DVD special edition, would I have to claim it immediately when the DVDs are released or is there a holding period or what?
4) would you include alternate slip cases in addition? (the non-collector's for monkey island? i'm not sure if there are new cases for the Sam & Max games now that they've been renamed)

I'd like finish by saying that most of these are idle musings and I'm not overly concerned with any, but I figured I'd get a better understanding of your shipping policies and pass the time at work while there's nothing else to do.
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  • 1) Yes, as long as Telltale are still doing business.
    2) Possibly, although I doubt they do it by number of items.
    3) I'll leave this one for a Telltale staff member to answer.
    4) Excluding the ToMI Super Special Preorder Collector's Edition which comes with a Super Special Preorder Collector's Edition slip-case, there's currently no known slip-cases for Telltale's Collector's Edition DVDs (unless you count SBCG4AP's double-sided cover). Of course, this may change (Purcell doing a Wallace and Gromit cover?).

    Oh, and the PC versions of Saves The World and Beyond Time and Space are still called Season One and Season Two respectivly.
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    1.) Yep, don't worry about that! You'll be flagged as qualified for a collector's DVD in our system as long as you have your account (and haven't yet shipped yourself the DVD).
    2.) Generally yes, but it all comes down to weight after a certain point. Certainly, shipping three DVDs to yourself in one package will cost less than shipping one DVD three times, though. A lot of people wait to ship the Collector's DVDs until they're ready to buy something else from the store, especially if they live overseas (where shipping costs go up considerably).
    3.) No, you'll be fine if you hold off on claiming it for awhile.
    4.) I don't have an answer for this one, yet. I don't think we've finalized our plans as far as distribution of pre-order vs. non-preorder DVDs.

    Hope that helps!
  • can you buy this for pc and play it in ireland ??
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    Macfly77 Moderator
    thekeoster;546152 said:
    can you buy this for pc and play it in ireland ??
    If you mean the games, absolutely (so long as your PC meets the minimum requirements, of course).
    The DVD special features will play on any computer (you might need VLC for some of them if your computer's DVD-Rom is not region free).
    The videos on the first two seasons of Sam & Max and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People will also play on a multi-region DVD player.
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