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POLL: MURRAY SHALL(eh...should be written in for sympthany's sake,)RETURN!

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Damn it, this thread can't have a poll, the stupid web broswer I'm using messed it up. This thread is now pointless without a poll.
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  • Just out of curiousity: Which browser are you using and why?
  • hansschmucker;195598 said:
    Just out of curiousity: Which browser are you using and why?
    I'm using a PS3 and I added a poll option that was too long and I couldn't go back and fix it because the browser I'm using on the OS I'm using is having issues.

  • Ah. Access Netfront. Terrible browser (created by the same company that owns the now dead and buried PalmOS 5, a.k.a. Garnet, 6, a.k.a. Cobalt and ALP: Especially Garnet was a wonderful little OS to develop for).

    You could run Firefox using the Linux hypervisor. A bit of work, but it's a lot better than Netfront if you regularly don't have access to a PC.

    Sony really needs some experience with open source software. They're already using some for the PS3 OS, but they're not comfortable with it yet. I'm not sure they're actually comfortable to include a browser at all (it allows developers who are not paying Sony to allow their content to run on the PS3 to still release for it).
    The PS3 browser is probably the result of them needing a web runtime for game developers. They needed it and they knew that if it was somewhere in the system, but not accessible to users, people would try to find ways to access it, probably uncovering other security holes in the process.
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