I just thought of something

When Bruce decided to become Batman, how did that conversation with Alfred go?

Like, “Hey Al I’m thinking of using my vast wealth to hire someone to make me some really cool tech and so I can become a vigilante called Batman”

That must’ve been pretty awkward.

Same with Lucius. “Hey I need you to make me a bat suit and some other cool gadgets I want to be a vigilante and fight Gotham’s villains”


  • It probably didn't go that fast, with him knowing from the start that the would be a Bat-vigilante and all that stuff.

  • It depends on the version, but in a lot of versions Bruce traveled around under aliases, training under masters in their respective fields (martial arts, magic/illusion, etc.) for a number of years before becoming Batman.

  • I personally like the storyline in Batman Begins.

    How when he is in I assume either his teenage or early 20's i'm not quite sure which.

    Joe Chill was found and arrested soon after the murder of Thomas and Martha is offered release in exchange for his testimony against Carmine Falcone.

    On Chill's way out of the court room Bruce is planning on shooting him. However before he can do so a hitwoman of Falcone's kills him in order to stop him testifying against Falcone.

    Bruce then goes to confront Falcone and then after the confrontation disappears and travels all over the world trying to get inside the criminal mind by living among them.

    However he ends up 'lost' at least according to Ducard/Ra's Al Ghaul who finds him and offers him the chance to do what he wishes to do which is fight crime.

    He trains him in controlling his fear as well as both the ways of fighting armed and unarmed as well as using theatricality etc.

    He is then offered the position of leader of The League Of Shadows. However in order to prove his worth he has to kill a local famer who became a murderer. Bruce refuses (this i believe is where his 'one rule/no killing' is born) and ends up turning on the League. He then returns to Gotham takes back control of his company meet's Lucius who was a family friend and who helps him in his efforts to become Batman along with Alfred.

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