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Lost Save Games

posted by SnivelluslyOzalan on - last edited - Viewed by 127 users
I know that Telltale Games just updated the second episode of TOMI, but would that make my save games not show up when I get into the game? I think I see them in the folder still, but I don't know how to get them back into the game. :mad:
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  • Never mind. I figured out my problem. Thanx anyway. :-)=
  • Summary for others with similar problems. Savegames are identical for both versions of e2 (mainly because the update to e2 didn't change any code, just different sound files).
    The key is to know how savegames are stored by Telltale games: There's a Telltale folder in your "My Documents" directory. It contains one folder for each game, but the name interestingly enough is not derived from the game's name, but from the name of the directory where the game was installed. By default, all Telltale games add a subdirectory with the game's name to the installation path you specify during installation, so that if you ask it to install to C:\Program Files\Telltale\Tales of Monkey Island\ it really installs to C:\Program Files\Telltale\Tales of Monkey Island\Launch of the Screaming Narwhal\ or something like that. However, if you manually rename that folder to something else, you have to rename the savegame folder under My Documents as well, or the game won't find it anymore.
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