Spacelords-An Awesome, free to play, co-op shooter with a twist!

I got into this game fairly recently and I'm so hooked! I love this game and it's characters and I really want to share it with you guys! It was formerly called Raiders of the Broken Planet before going into a Free to play format. At first glance it's a 4 player PVE game, pretty straightforward right? But my favorite part of this game is what really separates it from others. The best games imo are the ones that are 4v1. That's where the Antagonist comes in. The Antagonist is a player that drops into the game and their sole objective is to stop you from completing yours. Playing an Antagonist is super fun despite the disadvantage they're at. It forces you to play differently as it's you against four players. You have to be clever and outsmart them as there's no way you can take on all four players at once head on. Do things like attack at the same time as the NPCS or sneak up on them and isolate them. I even love it as a Raider as it adds so much more challenge and replay value. And like the Antagonist you have to play smart but work with your team. There's also a lore reason for the Antagonist's presence, which I won't spoil for those who might be interested in the story.

Without spoiling the major plot I'll vaguely tell you guys what it's about. It's set on the Broken Planet. Why is it broken? Three different human factions invaded and fought for the Planet's valuable resource, Aleph. It's hard to explain but everyone uses Aleph, whether it be for fuel or power or even to amplify your own abilities. Aleph is still fought for on the planet, both by the Humans and now the Alien locals of the Planet. The Protagonists of the story are the Raiders, led by Harec. Harec is a local of the Planet and now the Raiders are seeking a way to exile the humans from the Broken Planet before they completely destroy it. The Raiders are a diverse cast of characters of aliens and even humans that are former members of the three factions. Some fight for the same reason as Harec and some have their own agenda.

Anyway guys, I just really love this game and hope to get some you interested in it. If you do let me know what you think, it is Free to play after all. If you do get into it, feel free to come back and tell me what you think. I'd love to talk about the game with you. I'm also happy to help out and give some tips for anyone who'd like some help if there's something about the game you don't understand. If you want to discuss major story stuff that's also fine just please use a spoiler tag. Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I'll see you on the Broken Planet. :)



  • Can you make your own character?

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    No, it's set characters that you can choose to play. Think of Borderlands or even Overwatch as it's set characters with different personalities, different powers, different weapons and different playstyles.

    EDIT: Should probably clarify that there's a progression system. You have to level up to unlock more characters and missions.

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    Can you make your own character?

  • nice should be worth a download

  • Let me know your thoughts if you give it a try. :)

    nice should be worth a download

  • Anyone thinking of playing this, just know that it must be played online.

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