Will Gordon discover Batman's identity in season 3?

Earlier I commented on a discussion entitled

"Batman's allies perspective of the ending"

After reading what I had written and posted I realised that while there are a number of allies who know about Batman/Bruce Wayne's relationship with Alfred and it will be interesting to see how the decision to give up Alfred or Batman affects them and their relationship with Bruce.

There is one Batman ally (depending on your choices in season 2) who doesn't know about Batman's relationship with Alfred.


An this intern led me to think about the two points in season 2 where you had the choice of either hiding your relationship with Lucius telling him the truth or lying to him.

You also had the choice of claiming you only knew Bruce Wayne via what was public you know him well enough or reveal to Gordon that he is another friend just like Lucius.

An this got me wondering.

Do you think if Bruce has given up Batman maybe the disappearance of Batman will cause Gordon to investigate Bruce Wayne or maybe try and contact Wayne to find out what happened to Batman?
Do you think Gordon will notice a change in Batman since giving up Alfred?

An do you think maybe season 3 will be the season in which Gordon one way or another discovers the secret to Batman's identity?

Personally I think it would be great if you got the chance to decide whether to reveal yourself to Gordon or not.

Just like you did Lady Arkham although not necessarily quite so dramatically as ripping your cowl off although that could be one of the options.

Another option could be allowing him into the Batcave like you did Selina.

What do you all think?


  • It's funny how most charcters in the game know Batman's identity. Gordon at the end of your game can either retire, not allowed to go back to his job, or reinstated. We'll see.

  • I assume based off of those options your talking about the 'villain' episode 5 of season 2?

    Well first of all let me just point out 'the retire' option isn't something that defiantly happens.

    It's just what Bruce suggests Gordon does.

    Waller herself says 'He doesn't seem like the retiring kind'

    So the door is kind of left open as to whether Jim does retire or not (if you picked that option i guess we will have to wait and see in season 3)

    The only way I think we know for sure that Gordon doesn't get his old job back is if you tell Waller that you don't want him to ever wear a badge again

    Also in the 'Vigilante' episode 5 of season 2 your options when you have a conversation with Gordon once Joker is captured are as follows.

    Get your old job back - I assume this means as Commissioner

    I want our partnership back - Batman tells Gordon he wants them to work together again now that Waller is leaving

    Maybe you should retire - He suggests to Gordon that maybe he should retire to which Gordon tells him how his wife would kiss him for saying that and how he will give it some thought (so again the door is kind of left open and if you pick this option you'll have to wait until season 3 to find out if he took your advice)

    I do agree though on the amount of people knowing that Bruce Wayne is Batman.

    I mean the ones you have no power over finding or knowing your secret are

    Lucius (although he's dead)

    An the only ones you have power over finding or knowing your secret are

    Lady Arkham aka Vicki Vale.

    So in total that is 8 people who know Bruce Wayne is Batman

    An out of those eight (depending on how you treat them) 5 of those eight could be or are enemies

    That being

    Lady Arkham aka Vicki Vale.

    So there is a chance that at the end of season 2 you could end up with more enemies knowing your secret than friends.

    When you think about it like that.

    I would say it is probably best to give up Batman.

    Because with that many enemies knowing your secret.

    The odds of that secret getting out are pretty high.

    Although I suppose that would also make for an interesting season 3 wouldn't it.

    Say the secret got out and then you would have to hunt down each one of your enemies that knows in order to find out which one of them spilled.

    Dan10 posted: »

    It's funny how most charcters in the game know Batman's identity. Gordon at the end of your game can either retire, not allowed to go back to his job, or reinstated. We'll see.

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