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What pcs do u play tomi on?

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Just wondering what pcs u guys play the game on, and how well it plays. Just tell me your specs, the quality and resolution u play, and if it works well.
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  • A pretty old Toshiba laptop with a Nvidia Go 7900GS graphics chip, Win7 RC1, 1.7Ghz DualCore, 2GB of RAM.

    I'm playing at 1680x1050, quality 1. Although it has to be said that I
    1. Am more interested in smooth motion (40fps or more) than in graphical effects.
    2. Am playing on a stereo monitor, so my system is actually rendering twice the number of frames: One for the each eye.
  • I have currently been playing it on an Athlon64 X2 3800+ (OC'ed to 2.8Ghz though) with an nvidia 9800GT at 1680x1050. This is all under Linux as well through Wine, and it plays beautifully.

    I also tried it on my laptop which has a Turion X2 ZM-82 CPU (2.2Ghz) with an ATI Readon 3850 GPU. That was played on Vista with 1680x1050 resolution and all of the anti-aliasing settings turned up. It played just as fine on that one as well.

    Both machines had the quality turned up all of the way in the game settings.

    The game isn't very demanding (as far as I can tell) so you should be able to play it on half way decent hardware. They do some fancier things such as field of depth (fuzzy edges on close up/far away objects) so that will make it take a little more power than Sam & Max though for example.
  • Well my pc:
    -DualCore 2140
    -1g of ram
    -NVDIA 6200 (256m)
    -Windows XP (SP2)

    Old but it runs the game without problem.

    I play it on a 1024x768 resolution and at graphic level 4. Over than 4 there are some issues with the lip-sinc and the voices (they start following different ways at that point) so i stick at 4.
  • - Quad Core Q9650 @ 3.0GHz
    - ATI Radeon HD 4870x2 (2GB RAM)
    - 8GB RAM
    - Vista Home Premium 64-bit

    I have the graphics settings cranked all the way up and run at the max resolution for my monitor (1440x900), and my system doesn't even break a sweat.

    I should download it onto my old laptop (P4 @ 3Ghz, ATI Mobility Radeon X600, 2GB RAM, Windows XP) and see how it runs there. My guess is not so well. ;)
  • Dell Precision M4400
    Linux (Ubuntu Karmic x64) / wine 1.2.28
    nVidia FX700m on nVidia proprietary graphics driver v185
    Intel Core Duo P8600 @ 2,4Ghz
    4GB RAM

    Plays beautifully at 1440x900 (native resolution) on setting 9.
  • XP/Ubuntu
    Q6600 Quadcore at 2.4ghz (Stillll haven't overclocked it)
    4 gig 1066mhz RAM
    Geforce 9800gt 1 gig

    Works perfectly at 9 in 1440x900.
  • Phenom X4 9450 with DDR2 and a GeForce 8800GT running Kubuntu Linux 9.10. I run Tales inside VMWare with a WinXP 1GB RAM, dual core guest. Game runs at 1440x900. Works like a charm since VMWare Workstation 6.5.3.

    I have Vista as a boot alternative but why reboot if you don't have too...
  • Pentium 4 2.8 GHz x2
    1.75 RAM
    Nvidia GeForce 8400GS
    Windows XP
  • AMD Athlon 64X2 4400+ 2.3 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 896MB Geforce GTX275 OC edition, and Windows Vista Home Premium is my main system.

    I sometimes play stuff on my laptop which has an AMD Turion 64X2 2.2 Ghz, 3 GB RAM, Geforce 8200M, and also Vista Home Premium.

    Both will be getting Windows 7 once it's out, however.
  • I've got a cruddy Nvidia 9500GT, 4GB ram and 2.6ghz quadcore, and it can run TOMI at max without any issues.
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