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Sam & Max Bugreport

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Having finished the game I encountered a few bugs and figured it can't hurt to make a thread and let you know. First of, really great game, can't wait for the next 5 :D

There is a tiny "bug" with the psychiatrist sybill, the texture of that form is rotated 180 degrees so shes making her marks on the wrong side of the sheet.
I know I know very tiny thing, but it struck my eye.

A more serious thing I encountered was in the second dream sequence. Starting from there I had problems using the inventory. The mouse pointer didn't change back to the standard pointer after I used something, and when I did use the gun, Sam put it away again after using it, but the animation still had him sticking his arm out like he was still holding it. Looked kinda bizarr but was just odd and didn't affect your ability to complete the game.

Great work guys :D Oh and I think the difficulty is just right and the voices are spot on imho. So two thumbs up :D
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  • Thanks for the info. Glad you enjoyed the episode. :)
  • I have a few other bugs to report:

    1) I encountered quite a few times when Max stood behind something and the close-up of max (when he talked) just showed the whole screen gray. It's not biggie, and it's probably hard to fix, but it happened to me quite a few times.

    2) When talking to Whizzer, sometimes (it happened to me on two different games) he continues delivering videos while talking to you, and it creates some glitches in the graphics (like, for example, he has just ran out of the store, but then he needs to speak so he suddenly appears besides sam again)

    3) There was one line near the end of the game spoken to Sybil that is cut after about 2 words. The whole text appeared in the subtitle, but I didn't have the time to read it, so I don't know what that line was, sorry. However, the bug reproduced on the two different games I've played.

    4) More of a feature request - PLEEEASE add a pause feature that works at any moment during the game. I work at a lab, and I'm playing sam&max between experiments, but sometimes I just need to stop playing all of a sudden because it's time for the next step in the experiment. This made me miss some of the dialogues, because I couldn't pause in the middle of a dialogue :(
    If you can just make "escape" work anytime, (like it does in bone) it would be great.

    That's it. Awesome game, guys!
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