Aside from TWDS1, what was their masterpiece game to you?

Yes yes yes. Walking Dead season 1 is a masterpiece that's haunting and uplifting and redefined yada yada yada.

But ASIDE from that game? What project of Telltale is their masterpiece?

For me the ultimate winner is Tales from the Borderlands. That game had fantastic performances, amazing music, a really solid sense of pacing and dramatic climaxes and it was genuinely funny in its setpieces, plot structure and sheer willingness to go crazy while keeping characters afloat.

Wolf among us holds a special place in my heart. The first episode was genius, the second episode was...deeply odd, the third and fourth were very solid (bloody mary!) and the finale gave us Bigby as the full on big bad wolf who actually huffed and puffed.

Season 2 of Batman was a personal favorite. It doesn't do anything overly innovative as a Telltale game or Batman game but good lord did they find a fresh and amazingly well done way to do The Joker.

What about you??? Aside from TWDS1, what games of Telltale have been masterpieces to you?


  • Minecraft: Story Mode. Both seasons. <3

  • Batman TEW. Best Batman story out there in years.

  • Tales from the borderlands was comedy gold, a new frontier (at least for me) was a fun ride and twd season 2 was an emotional rollercoaster. When season 4 wraps up, I’ll be sure to replay the entire series

  • Agreed with TftB. Amazing soundtrack, characters, choices, jokes... Everything was perfect. Best Telltale game for sure.

    Another masterpieces besides TWD S1 were TWAU and Batman imo.

  • I'll agree with Borderlands & Wolf. I also really enjoyed where they were going with Batman

  • Batman the enemy within. Hell of a ride.

  • TWAU is the ultimate masterpiece for me, but as most people will say here: it's all down to the Holy Trinity (TWD1, TWAU, TFTB)

  • Both batman series were amazing

  • For me it was Tales from the Borderlands, i loved the characters (especially Gortys and Loader Bot) and i enjoyed the fun humour.

    I also really enjoyed the intros before each episode.

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    I sort of got off the Telltale train after the first Walking Dead (I liked it, but its formula wasn't what I wanted from adventure games), so I only know the earlier games, but it's a toss-up, for me, between the second and third Sam and Max seasons, Tales of Monkey Island, and Strong Bad. I think the last one is overlooked because it's harmless (there's no real plot, the conflicts are small, etc.), but that's what I love about it. It's just a great time. I wish they made a second one.

  • Tales from the borderlands is one of if not their best game to date. From characters, story, dialogue, visuals, music, action, choices and finales it is by far one of if not their best work.

  • Tales from the borderlands had some of the funniest writing in a video game

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    The Wolf Among Us, definitely. The atmosphere, characters, neon lights, phenomenal music, the mystery, voice acting... I'm so sad we'll never get to see season two, especially cause it was so very close to happen. That aside, Tales from the Borderlands is also an amazing game, loved the humour.

  • Tales from... Monkey Island.

  • YEEEEEEEEEEEEES That's what I was about to say. A totally under appreciated game.

    Tales from... Monkey Island.

  • Tales from the Borderlands and Batman Season 2. Both of them are among TellTale's best work.

  • That would probably be a close tie between Wolf Among Us and Sam and Max: The Devil's Playhouse (aka Season 3)

  • The Wolf Among Us

  • Guardians is definitely the most underrated game since no one bar a few gave it a fair chance which is a shame as it was excellent, but for me the best is probably either Tales From The Borderlands or Batman The Enemy Within, both for having genuine choice and consequences in their latter stages and engaging characters.

  • The Devil's Playhouse hands down.

  • Batman Enemy Within and Wolf Among Us

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    Batman: The Enemy Within

  • Batman is my personal favorite. Close to Wolf and Tales.

  • The Wolf Among Us would always be their best game for me. But everybody has their favorite.

  • TWD, Tales, TWAU, GOT and Batman

  • Definitely The Wolf Among Us for me. The characters, the mystery, the social commentary and the fights all nailed it and provoked a lot of great discussion and speculation. Tales was probably a better game, but TWAU gave me a lot more to chew on.

  • Definitely the enemy within, It improved on so much from the first season. And I feel like Batman the telltale series, in general are very underrated.

  • The Devil's Playhouse - I can't think of any other 3D Adventure Games that resonated with me as much as that one did. Close second is Tales From the Borderlands, which was hilarious all the way through.

  • Sam & Max season 1 - 3 (mainly the third season, The Devil's Playhouse) Tales from the Borderlands, Batman Enemy Within and of course, The Wolf Among Us.

    If The Final Season really did manage to get to it's conclusion I think it likely would have been one of the best Telltale seasons ever, it had such a strong start.

  • Came here for Tales from Monkey Island, back in 2009 (still have that big treasure chest with a coin and a map :)). Shame they decided to leave it on a cliffhanger and never continue after TWD turned out to be a big hit.

  • Yeah! TeamKennyWOOT!

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEES That's what I was about to say. A totally under appreciated game.

  • Of course it has to be Tales From The Borderlands. This is coming from someone who never liked the Borderlands franchise. The characters, the story, the choices, the music etc. Everything about it was perfect.
    The only bad thing about this game is ending up in a cliffhanger and they will be no Season 2. :'( :'( :'(

  • Guardians of the Galaxy and Game of Thrones were the ones I loved the most. Both underrated and did a lot of new things.

  • Wallace and Gromit.
    Amazing adventure game, true to the series.

  • Tales from the Borderlands. It's Telltales magnum opus. Batman: The Enemy Within and The Wolf Among Us are both on second place.

  • Sam & Max, and BTTF.

  • SBCG4AP really helped my sense of humour develop, but I'm gonna need to say Tales from Monkey Island. It truly made me an adventure game fan, and helped me realise I wasn't straight. (No, really!) Though this isn't my original TTG account, I got off the TTG train back pre-Walking Dead.

  • Wolf & Batman [1&2]

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