REPORT: Former employees begin speaking out

So they were working a ridiculously late shift then immediately told they were all fired. No severance is confirmed as well as health insurance ending at the end of the month.

It's sad beyond words because if the closure was abrupt and gutting for us as fans, the employees had the same abrupt shock.

I do hope that walking dead gets finished, but squeezing every drop out of the employees before firing them is inexcusable.


  • Couldn't even begin to imagine. I'm pissed over 20bucks couldn't imagine how they feel.

  • it's crazy thinking how they weren't given any warning. if they were told maybe a month or 2 before getting fired then maybe they could've prepared for it. now they need to scramble to find another job before they're homeless.

  • Kevin Bruner of course keeps taking time out to be smug about everything

    "In a statement released last Friday, Bruner said he was saddened by the loss of people’s jobs and the studio he helped create. He also touted his own leadership. “Prior to my leaving, we were able to avoid sweeping layoffs and (somehow) managed to ensure that we always had work for everyone,” he wrote. “We worked hard and sometimes it seemed like we had more than we could handle but we stuck together and forged ahead.”"

    The former CEO seems totally oblivious that a lot of the rot of overworked employees and diminished sales happened under his watch.

    I still wonder if Peter Hawley is the real villain though. Surely he knew for a while everything was going to hell.

  • I think both are at fault, Kevin more so for getting them into this mess, ditching them and then suing them to ensure that the damage stuck. And Paul for how he has handled the sacking of employees, though I think we need to see if there’s anything he knows that we don’t there.

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