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Please TellTale - Dont ruin Tales with Murray or Stan!

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There are so many better characters in the MI series than these 2. Stan is a complete waste and Murray is just a nuisance. He isnt funny and I roll my eyes every time I see him. Lets take Monkey Island 3 for example. Murray sitting on top of the voodoo lady house sign (complete waste) and then on the carnival prize stand and in the crypt. He really adds nothing to the game and isnt even funny. He is just a bother and detracts from the game and MI experience

The same is true with Stan. Monkey Island 3 was awesome until Stan showed up. The cemetery scenes were terrific......and then they were ruined by Stan. They had the crypts, the awesome grave digger in his house and then Stan shows up selling insurance and turns the whole setting and dark environment into some circus.

Please not ruin this great new series with these two characters. Its mind boggling - the praise they get on these boards.
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