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urlmon.dll error crash

posted by Kaldire on - last edited - Viewed by 1.4K users
I played the game for about 10 minutes it worked great. Then I went to eat, so I turned the game off, when I tried to replay the game everytime I start up I get a URLMON.DLL error. Sometimes I make it into the game but then it just crashes a few min into it. I tried reinstalling, same symptom. Any ideas?
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    What exactly does the error say? Try searching Google for it.

    I just searched for URLMON.DLL and it appears to be a component of Windows. This thread makes it sound like URLMON.DLL errors can be caused by a certain Windows update.

    Are you playing the demo or an unlocked version of the game?
  • I actually got around to beating the ep 1, thank god its short enough. I loved it but the urlmon.dll error happens on all things and its not just caused by the windows update. I read the same post you did about the windows update causing it and I dont even run the same os as them, as for xp there was no such update as the one stated. I have the fully unlocked version of the game, proud owner too, cant wait for the rest to come out. The error is a general windows error(not the blue screen of death) but the same thing you would see if say internet explorer crashed, just says the name of the file that caused it and send or dont send. I was also wondering if you plan on making any of the episodes with multiple difficulty, seems all the telltale games are on the VERY EASY side, albiet very humorous!
    Any clues on the error? Ive tried googling it, I wouldnt have posted here if I had not done all I could on my end :P
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    Glad you were able to play through to the end. No ideas on the error as of yet, but we'll look into it. So far you're the only person who's experienced it (that we know of).
  • I had the very same problem. Only every tenth start or so, I was able to play Sam&Max. Today I installed the latest XP-Updates. It brought me another reactivation of my XP, but thats another story. ;) More important for you may be the fact, that since the update, the URLMON.DLL error didn't come up again.
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    Emily Telltale Alumni
    Great. Thanks for letting us know.
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