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TOMI Ep1 No Sound at all

posted by Wiggins on - last edited - Viewed by 148 users
Hi- just downloaded the first episode for free (playlikeapirateday) but when the game launches there is no sound. No music or effects or speech. Not even in the menu screens and intro's. Also, once back at the desktop my sound has stopped working alltogether as though the settings have been muted ( they haven't been as I've checked in the volume control). The only way to resolve it is to restart my PC. I updated direct-x before installing as recommended by the install prgroamme for TOMI. My soundcard is a Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS if that helps. I have had no issues with any other game sound wise. And yes, before anyone asks, I did check the sound levels in the ingame settings.
Any ideas before I give up and wait for the full season release at retail?
Thanks in advance.
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