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Completely removing game

posted by gdwitch on - last edited - Viewed by 430 users
My computer I suppose is not compatible with Monkey Island. So, I've uninstalled through the shortcut, but later wanted to completely remove and my computer will not allow me to uninstall. I can't even uninstall telltale games. It's says disk may be full or write protected. I unchecked read only, did absolutely everything I can do and I still have remnants in my start up and in my program files. I realize it is not the actual game, but I want it OUT!
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  • Weird! you could try using a third party uninstall program. I kinda like Revo Uninstaller which is free for home users. Also, sometimes it helps to reinstall the game and then try uninstalling once more.

    Also possible that you may have some data problems on your computer. Worth running a good virus scan. For free virus scanners, Avast is really top notch.
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