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You know you're obsessed with Monkey Island when....

posted by raycichocki on - last edited - Viewed by 10.4K users
-When you see sword fighting in a movie you wonder if they're going to insult each other with rhyimg comebacks.

-You cringe at the idea of Monkey Kombat

-You think Guybrush is a legit name for your first born son

(add some of your own!)
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    puzzlebox Telltale Staff
    Sailorcuteness;250232 said:
    you can still do it and just confuse them plus you will most likely win since they havnt lerned any comebacks
    Or just go to the toy store and pick on random kids. :p
  • puzzlebox;250277 said:
    Or just go to the toy store and pick on random kids. :p
    'Sept match their fake swords with a real one! Muahahaha! Taste cold steel feeble styrofoam copy!
  • Lennie Melvin;217829 said:
    - When you cried at the end of Chapter 4 *shifty eyes*
    I did that, woo I am a fan :)

    -You Quote from the game, just for fun, and/or to annoy people.
    -You (are a girl) think Guybrush is hot.
    -You like to make a loud sound (preferably cannon fire), to clear your mind.
  • When your a guy and want to own a toy pony because it looks like Guybrush. :)
  • Ashton;250132 said: try to add more verses to "Monkey In My Pocket"
    heeeeeey :p
  • When your profile pic on facebook for the past year has been Elaine.
    When you say "Murray?" every time you see a skull.
  • when you're hooked to the MI section of the TT fora even while a MI game is not currently being made by them!
  • Leonilla;302966 said:
    When your profile pic on facebook for the past year has been Elaine.
    When you say "Murray?" every time you see a skull.
    I do that all the time. I'm not saying I see skulls all the time, Its when I see something in the shape of a skull.
  • Nosehair;249799 said:

    -You have played four different editions of SMI.

    (Okay, a little bragging here :D. My father bought the 16-color version in the early nineties. A few years later I bought the 256-color version. When the diskettes became corrupt LucasArts were nice enough to send me the Monkey Island Madness CD. And now I've recently finished MI:SE. That's four. Count 'em. End of brag.)
    Yes, I've played all 4 as well!
    Syrynx;244527 said:
    ~You're proud when people ask you how you met your husband/wife, and you can say that the reason you met was because the other had their favorite game listed as 'Monkey Island" In their online profiles.

    ~Your wedding cake toppers were sculpted to look like guybrush and elaine

    ~ The dog is named Guybrush.
    Why do I know that is going to be my life 10 years from now. :p

    Also, when you dress up as Elaine for Halloween, and you get really disappointed that everyone just thinks you're a generic pirate and you try and explain to them that you are in fact a well-loved Caribbean Governor. But no one gets it except for your friends who know of your obsession because you constantly talk about what Guybrush would do.
  • -You want an alarm clock that looks like a Pyrite Parrot.
    -You make your own Real Feast of the Senses Map :p
    -You like to explain to people that it's the mast of their ship.
    -You have Monkey Island as your Wallpaper.
    -You have printed a ton of Money Island to hang on your walls.
    -You want Guybrush to talk in your GPS.
    -You like it when people point at the map.
    -You spent all day (even at work) on the these forums :p
    -You put this :guybrush: in your signature.
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