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Some of the issue I've noticed from this site
1. It's not secure. I know it's been mentioned many times before. FireFox refuses to connect. Desktop version only has, add to exception list. Mobile version allows connection to site temporary without the need to add to exception list. Site still works with Microsoft Internet Explorer and Edge.
2. Once signed in, and clicked sign out, it does not sign out. Have to clear the entire temporary internet files, cookies, history, etc, to actually sign out. Using Opera for Android, even after clearing out the temporary internet files, cookies, history, etc, it'll still say you're logged in, and you can still reply to topics. Switch internet connections, from wifi to data, does not do anything, it seems as if your TT login credentials is store in the cloud, and it will just grab your info from there, with no way of clearing it. The only way to actually clear it, is by removing Opera entirely, and then reinstalling it.
3. Was trying to login, keeps on saying invalid password, type a few I can remember, even though I know one of them is correct. Click password reset, but the site never sends an e-mail with the password reset link.
4. Since I was not able to log in with my old account, I created a new one. When creating a new one, it says, something along the lines of, this site has experienced an API error. When trying to recreate the account again, it says, the account already exist. Using the new account info, I was able to log in, but I cannot make topics or reply to anyone. It says the account needs to be verified first. An verification code was sent to the e-mail you've registered with your account. But the e-mail with the verification code was never sent. Retry a few time and never got the e-mail
5. Created another account and it's the same thing as #4.
6. Thinking it might be the e-mail client I'm using, where it's not accepting the e-mails from TellTale because it's not secure. I created another account, this time using a different e-mail client. And the results, is still the same as #4.
7. After a day or so has passed, I decided to try my original account one more time, after a few tries of the passwords I remember, I was finally able to log in.

Will this e-mail problem be fixed or that's it. This is the end?


  • I keep getting errors everytime I log in of if I try to post a new decussion’s a huge pain in the rear.

  • About the "your connection is not secured" thing,i think they lost the "security certificate" of the website or something and because telltale is gone they can't get it anymore.

    that's it. This is the end?

    Yes this is the beginning of the end :kennysad:

  • Well shoot.

    iFoRias posted: »

    About the "your connection is not secured" thing,i think they lost the "security certificate" of the website or something and beca

  • And that's why some of our favourite forum members auren't here anymore folks!

  • The this site is not secure because of expired security certificate can be bypassed and you can still visit the site. While I do wish that gets fixed. What needs to be fixed right away is that e-mail problem. Their e-mail server is probably just sitting in their building somewhere unplugged. It would be nice if someone with access, go inside, plug it, and turn it back on.

  • I have the same problem. I used Chrome all the time, then a few weeks back, I got an error that says "The site is not secure". I tried everything to fix it but couldn't find the solution. It works just fine on my phone and now I found out that it works perfectly on Internet Explorer as well, that's what I'm gonna use for now on.

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