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My Praise For Sam & Max

posted by Firvulag on - Viewed by 137 users
i have been a bit out of the loop for some time. I finished Hit The Road mere hours before Culture Shock was released and sortof enjoyed it. (although the delivery of all the lines was way out of synch)

but as for Culture Shock i was really hooked after the first few moments of the game. my biggest concern was for the 3D graphics, i never played Monkey Island 4 becasue of this. (and i reckon i never will)
but thankfully the characters looked alive and not just puppets moving their mouths up and down.
comedic timing is also really hard to do in a game but you seemed to nail that too, the best one yet being the security in Boscos shop^^

but i got the game 15 minutes before i had to go to bed, so i have a little more to go:P
i'm not gonna go into my "critique" here because they are so few and not important^^

so good luck with the rest of the season!

ps. i also made you a gift: Cookie
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