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I miss the ,,Insult battles,,

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Hey i was just wondering why haven't we seen any insult swordfighting or insult arm wrestling yet. I mean there have been several opportunities. So.... WHY???!! Maybe you can change it a little this year it could be like:
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come on that would be cool :D.
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  • Noooo, not another insult-something.. It was fun in previous games, but we need something new- like the Guybrush and Morgan swordfight. Now, that was fresh and fun!
  • I was wondering if something like that would eventually appear, but I think the Morgan fight was more than good enough, it was a good call back without completely relying on things that made the past games funny.
  • As long as they keep it to Insult Swordfighting, and mix it up between rhymes and non-rhymes, like in EMI. And it needs to have decent replies.

    Also, instead of the insanely boring treasure huntery, Insult Swordfighting would be the better mini-game.

    Heck, they could base a whole game around Insult Swordfighting, and have you search for bits and pieces of insults from different pirates in the caribbean, and then use them in a final battle with LeChuck.I grow tired of the "look for the legendary...". How about searching for something not quite so ridiculous for a change. Big Whoop was just a legendary treasure, but nobody knew what it was. CMI had you searching for a proper uncursed ring blessed with true love - not quite ridiculous. SMI had you looking for MI, an island nobody knew how to get to. Quite down to earth. Then along came EMI - the Ultimate Insult? And Tales gives us The Giant Sponge? I love Tales as much as anyone here, however, I'm quite disappointed with that part. It's a magic sponge - er, okay.

    Sorry for the rant, and somewhat off topic too. I just want a Monkey Island with a "believable" plot element, like finding a legendary island, a legendary lost treasure, an un-cursed diamond ring - all these are relatively believable, and very much pirate-like. And while Insult battles are somewhat of a ridiculous idea, it's firmly rooted in the MI universe. How about just having four legendary pirates still roaming around, alive or undead, which you have to encounter and beat to learn their unique set of insults. That's the whole game right there if you ask me. LeChuck wants to settle the score once and for all, he finds you and challenges you (gives you three days/weeks (takes time to sale to different islands) to prepare - which would be a nod to one of my favourite children's movies, Hook). After all, you haven't really been in a proper fight with LeChuck yet. It'd be kind of like a mix between SMI and MI2 in terms of plot.
  • The Morgan fight was (dare I say it) better... Insult sword fighting was good while it lasted but it wouldn't've taken long before it would begin to grow old...
  • I really don't miss them. The armwrestling in EMI was okay. But the Sword battles in SoMI and CoMI always felt like something that was only thrown in tzo extend the playtime.
  • I would not like to see another insult swordfighting-puzzle in TMI. This is why.
    Also, I'd much rather see TTG coming up with new and fresh ideas for TMI than just bringing back all the elements from the previous Monkey Islands. If TTG were to fulfill every single request for TMI that has been made on this forum, you would have to revisit every single island that has ever been a location in another Monkey Island game, meet every single secondary character and reveal Ron Gilberts true secret of Monkey Island.

    New creative ideas > reused old ideas
  • I don't miss them, as it takes so long to learn all the insults and comebacks, that already bothered me in SMI and CMI. Insult swordfighting is a classic and shouldn't be done over and over again. Though the rhyming in CMI was a nice touch. But that's all you can do. It's better to hint at the insult swordfighting every once in a while (like when Guybrush says "You fight like a cow!" or the one dialog in the fight with Morgan), 'cause it's a fun reference to the first games. But please, no more new insults in any kind of fight, swordfight or anything.
  • Usually I'd say no, but the swordfight at the beginning of Spinner Cay got me wondering... Imagine an insult swordfight where a correct insult, rather than simply moving you a little to the right of the screen, actually changes your position completely (in the same way that talking to Morgan does in that fight).

    But it would have to be just a one-off (i.e. choosing from a list of responses rather than collecting and learning insults).
  • I DO NOT miss the insult swordfights. They are only fun and funny once. I didn't even like it when I ran into the same thing in CMI. Once is enough. Any more and it just seems like you're wasting time trying to get each insult. It's only fun once. The novelty has long worn off. I can't stand it now. Not even in the original. There's no way to bypass it or get through it easily either.
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    Geypi can you can you clean up the language in your example please?

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