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Free game coupon

posted by stepsoversnails on - last edited - Viewed by 146 users
I only subscribed today when i heard about the free game coupon. yes.. i know... I'm a bad person.
But i can't see the free game coupon link on the monkey island page. So i was wondering if it was only for subscribers before talk like a pirate day. Or maybe i'm just doing something wrong.
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  • I have that problem too. It seems pretty odd that the coupon isn't supposed to expire, and yet they choke off your access to it the next day.
  • I think that technically, today is not Talk Like a Pirate Day anymore, thus the coupon giveaway already ended. If you snagged one BEFORE it ended (yesterday), it seems that it should not expire.
  • Sign yourself up to the newsletter, buy a game or two - there'll be plenty more coupons coming in future, rest assured.

    And hey, if you've got ToMI, you can get coupons by doing the Treasure Hunt game too!
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