Do you think they Knew Telltale was going to shut down after s2? (Spoilers)

I just finished playing episode 5, and the closure was substantially radical.
Bruce had the option to stop being batman.
Think about it. There couldn't have been a season 3 after that radical ending, since it would make Alfred leave - Alfred, who always helps Batman maintain his humanity; without Alfred, Batman isn't Batman anymore.
So after making that choice, there wouldn't be much going back, unless we want Alfred to leave again.

So my theory is that the developers knew that Telltale was about to shut down, and decided to give us a great, well branched ending.


  • They likely knew at least that there wouldn't likely be another Batman, but honestly Bruce couldn't stop being Batman anymore than Alfred could leave Bruce. It would be what many dysfunctional relationships would consider ' on a break ' from each other. It's very easy to write a means for Alfred to return and Bruce to don the cowl again. Really, if they still were having budget issues that they couldn't make it too branching, both could have nearly the same opening.

  • Interviews with employees have gave the indication that they knew the company was struggling (more so under the management of Bruner), but I don't think they really knew that the situation was as bad as it was. The company closing in the middle of The Final Season came as a huge shock to a lot of people, so I would say that they believed this would be the last Batman game, but not the end of the studio.

  • Apparently, a number of investors just suddenly pulled out at once is the cause for the closure. So no, I don't think that played that much of a role.

  • No, they didn't know that Telltale was shutting down at that time.

    And the Batman/Bruce choice was still going to have an effect. If Kent Mudle got his way, then during s3 Dick Grayson would be the playable character who interacts with either Bruce or Batman depending on your choice.

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