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Grey Screen of...sound? Tomi ep:2 problem

posted by Sarra on - last edited - Viewed by 221 users
I just purchased the monkey island bundle off Steam after finishing the first episode, which was just great.

I had zero problems with Ep:1, so it troubles me that every time I start up the Siege of Spinner Cay, that I get this gray screen, telling me the game is up, and playing the background jungle noises I would assume play during the selection screen.

I attached the screen I get. I can click and type all I want in the screen, but results end in nothing. It Doesn't freeze, crash, or go fullscreen. It just plays jungle noises, and mocks me.

I have looked over the forums again and again to try and find this problem, but come up empty handed. I'm running windows professional, and have an Nvidia geforce-go 7600. I believe everything is updated as episode 1 worked great.

I wish I would have read the forums before I purchased this game so I would have expected problems with it.

Help would be appreciated as I am tired of playing Call of Duty and Counter-Strike.
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