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Is anyone willing to give me a save game file?

posted by flux on - last edited - Viewed by 201 users
I lost mine... i dont know how i did it... but i lost it. I was moving the folder so that my bro could access the game from his account and it's all gone wrong.

I know it's a nightmare and i could probably storm my way through it, but thats still a bit of a trek. Its for SOSC and ive got the first artifacts just about to get the third one from the two pirate guys on the beach.

If someone would be so kind, i would be eternally gratefull.

Thank you!
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  • If I were in your position I'd just play through the game again. If you remember all the things you did to get to the spot you were at getting back there should be gravy :cool:

    I'm just sayn'.
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