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Excellent Job!!! But I Have Advice To Telltale

posted by briankory on - last edited - Viewed by 385 users
Telltale games I played the demo becuase I have not bought the full game yet. I LOVED IT I CANT WAIT TO PLAY THE FULL GAME!

However I must admitt that the only thing I found wrong was the level of ...ok hear me out Im not just going to bitch I have a good idea....the level of difficulty.

Have you ever played monkey island 3 aka Curse of monkey island?
The game M-island 3 has a menu at the beginning of the game and you can choose between 2 modes of game play.

and Mega Monkey

Normall is a shorten version of Mega Monkey.

Mega Monkey is the full game with all its puzzles it is for the serious or originall hard core gamers and Normall is the version where half the puzzles are already done for you , kids stuff.

I think that if you are afaird of upsetting gamers because it could be too hard you must realize that many other gamers are also upset because it is a little easy.

So why not make a


As well as a normall.


SAy you need ash.

In normall there would be a burned down house and you would pick up ash from it but on Mega you would have to burn the house down 1st and then pick up the ash.

Its not as hard to do as it may sound its the same game however on normall it is shortened. You simply leave puzzles and scenes and parts out.

This is just an idea Im throwing it out there for you.

I loved your work and Im considering buying the whole game soon.:)

A funny game though. GOOD JOB!!!
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  • Don't you think you should play the full game first before giving feedback?
  • 1st off there are enough people here for me to realize the game is too easy when all of them are saying it.

    2nd off the demo is a tease and is what gets you hooked on a game. It usually shows the quality and difficulty of the game throughout in part.
    Ive played there demo and it was easy and Ive read all the post here and there are complaints about it being too easy,.

  • I actually kind of like this idea. I was originally just hoping they would slowly ramp up the difficulty, so that veterans of the genre would be appeased at the end, but newbies wouldn't be scared away in the beginning. But if there was a Normal and Max modes, the newbies could start with Normal, and vets could play with all the zany, brainspanking puzzles in Max mode.

    Telltale, would this require too much effort to pull off?
  • I see someone had the same advice as me.. I posted it in this thread:
    As for the difficulty, I'd like to suggest something along the lines of the Monkey Island 2 approach where you get to select between the "full" experience with more puzzles and a "lite" version for inexperienced adventurers.

    I'm willing to bet that the better part of your customers are people who have already played the original Sam & Max (and many other adventure games) back in the days, so don't patronize us with easy puzzles - after all, adventure gamers is a pretty hardcore target audience.
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