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Site takes ages to load

posted by Fury on - last edited - Viewed by 228 users
Hey guys.

I'm on 1500kbp/s internet and I've got a decent computer, 4GB Ram, 2.6ghz quadcore, nvidia 9500GT graphics card etc etc, but the Telltale main page takes ages to load.

I use internet explorer, although I've experienced the same problem with firefox. Most sites that are flash heavy, like gamespot take a few seconds to load, but telltale takes a good ten seconds or so, and during that time the browser freezes if you try to open a new tab/window.

I also found this to happen on other computers at university, and they use firefox. But they're slow computers.

Am I doing something wrong on my end, and is there some way to fix it? A different browser perhaps?
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    David E Telltale Alumni
    I'm not sure; I don't think I'm seeing the same slowness as you are. There are a lot of reasons why this could be the case for you, though. Have you cleared your cache recently? If not, that might be something to try to see if it unclogs your various internet tubes.

    It sounds like you're already trying to load it on different browsers, so I'm not sure suggesting more would make a difference. Technically, IE renders the slowest of the major browsers out there, but the difference shouldn't be too noticeable. That said, I'd be interested to see how it loads for you in a webkit-based browser like Chrome or Safari (neither of which is my primary browser, but both seem to be really zippy).
  • 2hrs ago the site wouldn't load for me at all, and yesterrday it was as slow as a snail........
    Its not a DNS issue, I actually thought it was a DDoS attack as the browser was "Waiting for......" indeffinatly...... and that can be a symptom of Apache's threads being used up.
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