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TT Games apparently leaking memory?

posted by monkey_05_06 on - Viewed by 244 users
Okay I've tested this with five games now (S&M Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2, and TMI Episodes 1-3) and gotten the same results all around. I've verified with the task manager that all of these games are consuming unusual amounts of memory ultimately leading up to a crash such as:
The address at 0xFFFFFF referenced memory at 0x000000. The memory could not be "read".
(Note that is not an exact copy of the error message text)

The games seem to run otherwise fine up until the suddenly freeze, control is returned to the OS, and I get this error message which closes the game. I am then required to completely reboot my computer because although it doesn't show up in the task manager the memory is not being deallocated.

Several times after this happened I tried just running the games again and the computer rebooted itself.

I've never had problems on other systems previously, but I've only just recently started actually trying out some of your games on my own personal system. These are all the specs I could think of that might be relevant:

OS - Windows XP SP 3
CPU - AMD Athlon XP 2000+ 1.66 GHz
RAM - 512 MB
Card - Sapphire Radeon 9200 Atlantis
Driver Version -
Display - 1024x768x32
Version - 9.0c
Main Driver - ati2dvag.dll
Driver Version - 6.14.0010.6601 (English)
Driver Date - 2/21/2006 21:46:48
A/V - avast! Antivirus v4.8 Home Edition

Usually I can get about an hour or so gameplay before the memory becomes so flooded that the game actually crashes. And as I said at the beginning of the post I've checked and it is in fact these games leaking the memory (eating up several hundred thousand KB of the RAM).

Is there any reason why the games should be leaking memory? Should I try lowering the quality settings? I believe that in TMI I only have the quality set at 3 as it is.

In any case thanks for any info on this matter. It's really just a huge inconvenience in that I have to keep restarting my computer (and thankfully relying on autosave quite a bit). :P
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