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Install Problem

posted by sevitius on - last edited - Viewed by 348 users
Hi, Im trying to install TMI episode 3, and It keeps giving an error message and shutting down installation.

Extract: error writing to file 4_MonkeyIsland103_pc_tx.ttarch

I am running windows xp sp3, and have been able to play all previous TMI episodes.
Is there anyone who can help with this issue?
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  • I'd try redownloading the game. Sounds like it just got corrupted during the download. Also make sure you have plenty of hard drive space, just in case.
  • I've tried re-dowloading. the new copy of the game gives the same error message, except now it's giving it on part 1.


    I tried the other one again and it is also stuffing up on part 1 now too.

    I have 7G of free space on the relevant drive.
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    How much space to you have on the drive holding the Windows opperating system? Specifically, the location of your TEMP folder?

    Since the installer is now compressed, the installer first extracts the contents into the temp folder, then copies to the destination. I suspect that this drive is a little too full for the game to extract out to.

    You can figure out where your temp folder is by typing in the following in any file window: %TEMP%
  • Good one :)
    thanks very much, cleared up space on C and all works well :)

    thanks all!
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