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Voodoo Lady's Locket changed :/

posted by Sanin92 on - last edited - Viewed by 361 users
I love Monkey Island, and all Telltale games, and there were a lot of strange and unlogical things in the games till now, but it only bothers me in Monkey Island, because I really want at least the key things to the game to be real, and not like in this case, to change dramatically.

If you open the locket the voodoo lady gives you in ep1 (and I believe also in 2) it is totally different from the design of the one in episode 3, and it doesn't even have that arrow for the voodoo spell or whatever.

I know this is such a little thing, but this things can really make me depressed when I notice them, and I believe there was something else that bugged me in ToMI, although I can't remember.

Not that I'll love the game less because of that, that's impossible anyways, but still I'd like at least things in the game not to change their looks in between of the episodes.

Am I the only one or is anyone else bugged by little things like that, and / or what's your opinion on that?

PS. Please don't hate me for that, it's just something that makes my most-favourite game even more unreal than it should be, sadly not positive in this case.
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