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Help, totally stuck

posted by Maxilyah on - last edited - Viewed by 625 users
I've never been this stuck on a game before, but I have absolutely no idea what to do next. I try not to use hints, but, gah, it's driving me crazy.
I'm on the ship, and I've got the tongue, but I don't know how to get to Flotsam or anything. Please give me a hint! Thanks!
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  • Have a look at the locket, and think about how it works.
  • Maybe that locket can work with different pictures too? And maybe it can do it in both ways?
  • !
    I've got it now, thanks.
    (Did not use the step-by-step. :P)
  • Thanks so much for the step by step. This is the only part of episode 3 I got stuck on (specifically the rotate button step). Was nice to just get a little hint instead of the outright solution (only had to read about halfway through your list to get it on my own).
  • I admit that this part took me awhile to consider too.
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